D&D General Let's pitch D&D themed shows for WotC's new upcoming streaming channel


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They already have the classic cartoon and a cooking show etc, but lets get nuts.

Sword Coast Shore:

A group of D&D fans ranging from some old Grognards who only play AD&D to some Gen Zs who only play 5E. And the weirdo who only wants to play 4E. And maybe a couple of 3E purists the others taunt by leaving Pathfinder books laying around. And they all have to live together and play D&D together...

Every afternoon they have to roll a die to see which edition they use to play the daily 8 hr game. If doubles are rolled they have to put their character sheets in a pile and play a random pull from the pile for the game. That Gen Zs stupid Teifling Warlock you have to play now? He just decided to jump into the Dragons mouth.

The (adventuring) party is here!
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A gaming group and their DM are put in an apartment for two days, Big Brother style. Besides seeing their mundane lives, they play two game sessions (one each night) during their time locked together, and at the end of the two sessions, one person gets voted out and new player is rotated in. It is possible for the DM to get rotated out, but it requires all the players/viewers vote out the DM instead of one of the other players.


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More seriously...

The Outpost would be a great choice if they can option it.

But also various series LIKE the Outpost. Give a fairly standard location that is re-visited and explored each week, a central cast of characters, rotate in new ones, continuing storylines and one-offs...

Personally I'd love a D&D version of DS9 set in Sharn, for example.

Plenty of pre-written adventures that could be used for it. Just need the Writer's Strike to end with a RESOUNDING victory and then hire some well paid writers to do characterizations and dialogue...


My Step-Mother is an Illithid

When Edgar Longshanks became a widower, he thought love was forever gone and so devoted himself to raising his three children and his work in the municipal government as one of the 13 Hidden Lords of Waterdeep. He didn't want to go on that singles cruise aboard the spelljammer, but his children purchased the ticket and he didn't want to disappoint them. Little did he know that he'd have too much to drink and wake up with his blushing new bride. Her name is Druzilla and she's a Mind Flayer! Join us each week in the Longshanks house as Druzilla tries to enthrall her new family, learning how to adapt to a new world, and how to chain her new family to her heart.

The webcomic: The time I was reincarnated into an autognome.

A native from Kamigawa: Neon Dinasty loses the life for the Phyrexian invasion. Because he was a "faithless" he should be punished becoming a LEGO piece within the Wall of the Faithless, but the deitiy agreed a different punishment and now those souls are sent to the "demiplane of the desolation". When "he" awakes now she is a housmaid autognome created to be the housemaid and babyssiter to work in a gnome noble house. (and she can transform into a clockwork pony as construct mount) Later the children adopt a new pet, a plasmoid found in the walter filter system (by means of slimes, a type of almost harmless oozes). This "digievolutioned" ooze is not only sentient, but also other reincarnated soul.

It is not a bad life after all, but a day the daughter suffers a fall, and when she regains consciousness she starts to tell strange things about "we are within a game and we are going to suffer a husk plague". After this the girl started to train to become a powerful (psionic) mystic. (sorry, we have to do something to sell more handbooks of psionic powers). And to everyone's surprise, the husk plague appeared. These husks aren't like the classic brainless undead ghouls, but more like a mixture of elemental and plant/fungus. The constructs and plasmoid aren't affected by this plague. Now other survivors have to be rescued, mutant bosses to be defeated and the civilitation has to be rebuilt. Luckily our main character had enough experience in survival videogames and zombie post-apocalypse stories to know what strategy to be used. Spoiler: sometimes for the crafting alchemist products, cooking, mining and farming some pokemon-like creatures appear to cause troubles, but also these can be tamed.
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Playing Yourself

A varied bunch of people are gathered to go through a reality show which, for them, begins with building characters who they believe represent their own strengths and weaknesses. Then they play through a several-hour scenario involving rolling to overcome a variety of physical, mental and social challenges.

Then they go out on location and face those challenges for real. Each challenge they overcame with a roll of the dice, they must now prove that they can really do successfully. Completing them earns them XP, but failing costs them HP. Whoever has the most XP at the end will win a portion of a fabulous cash prize, the portion being determined by their remaining HP.

The tabletop session is recorded in advance, but never shown in its entirety. Instead, each episode is edited to intercut that footage with them trying to complete the task in real life.

Deathtrap Dungeon (Fighting Fantasy)/Undermountain-styled game.

Separated players (own rooms) play characters in a timed turn-based game where they battle against a Deathtrap Dungeon/Undermountain-styled game.
They can meet up and join against the Dungeon (all interaction between the two or players is facilitated by the unseen DM, Big Brother style). They can split up again and go their separate ways.
They can also betray each other and end up in PvP scenarios.

Corpses of the fallen remain in the dungeon as new players replace old players who've had their characters killed.
The winner are the surviving characters who eventually make it out successfully.

Cash Prizes or Item Prices for the winners or survivors at check points.

* A contest for new mangaka and fantasy artists.

* A machinima serie about Minecraft: D&D.

* Castle Greyhawk: the fabulous sitcom for all the family! (something like the kid-friendly version of Robot Chicken).

This castle is a demiplane created by Zagig Yragerne, or maybe his astral domain, to joke+test the dungeon crawlers. Some visitors are from "real world", and they return with some special reward, but with some harmless secondary effect, for example a cure for a disease, but becoming a wererabbit for a year.


The Druid of Vibley -- the residents of a town somewhere in the Forgotten Realms is quite surprised when the newly-installed local druid is utterly unlike what they were expecting ...

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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