D&D General Let's pitch D&D themed shows for WotC's new upcoming streaming channel

Well, reality shows are cheep, but perfect for this:

D&D Trivia- Simple, but watchable. You have 50 years of Trivia.

The Dungeon- You get a gamer from each 'era' 70, 80, 90, 2000, 2008, 2020. Each episode they "review" a D&D game book. But with "real" people...not just some Hadbro Zombies that just say "wow this new 6E game book is the best game book ever...you should buy two".

The History of D&D- a deep in depth look at everything from '73 to now. But not a "yea some Gary guy made that game, but look how cool 6E is now!"

The Loremasters- Two hosts, and each episode is a deep history of a D&D icon person/place/character. Giving both the real world history, and the in game history. THIS fits in so nice if WotC is doing the Whole Multiverse thing.

The Biography Scroll- The bio of a real life game designers, developers, artist from over 50 years. Not just "wow we are in Bob Smiths office as he makes 6E, wow look at that new book, buy two!"

Gamer Girls- RPGs from the female perspective.

And five or six more "arch type background" or whatever they call "race" now....from their perspective.

Gamers React- simple enough, some gamers watch and react to fantasy movies

D&D Media Hype- like the above, except they highlight movies that mention or use D&D words, terms and phrases

The Miniatures Show- yea, kind of obvious

Sage Advice- Again, a fairly simple way to fill time

Lets read Dragon- some gamers read Dragon, one an episode....

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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Playing Yourself

A varied bunch of people are gathered to go through a reality show which, for them, begins with building characters who they believe represent their own strengths and weaknesses. Then they play through a several-hour scenario involving rolling to overcome a variety of physical, mental and social challenges.

Then they go out on location and face those challenges for real. Each challenge they overcame with a roll of the dice, they must now prove that they can really do successfully. Completing them earns them XP, but failing costs them HP. Whoever has the most XP at the end will win a portion of a fabulous cash prize, the portion being determined by their remaining HP.

The tabletop session is recorded in advance, but never shown in its entirety. Instead, each episode is edited to intercut that footage with them trying to complete the task in real life.
I would watch this show

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I'd like a What We Do in the Shadows type comedy show but with vampires living in Waterdeep

This week in the Sword Coast - a weekly news roundup of various events happening up and down the Sword Coast, with a rotating cast of news anchors

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Oh yeah and one more - I'd like an animated Isekai portal story that takes place in Undermountain, where you show up as a 0-level character from modern times and you level up as you go.

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