D&D General Let's pitch D&D themed shows for WotC's new upcoming streaming channel

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An AMV contest. The contestants want to work in the animation industry. These choose a song from a list, maybe a guest artist, to promote her work. Then they have to create an animated video (AMV = Anime Media Video) with the chosen song, and the animation created by them.

Or a roleplay contest. The contestans want to work as profesional actors. Then they have to roleplay some scenes by means of move-caption tech. Later with software the scene becomes CGI animation.

Or they should adapt the best episodes or moments from a previous game-live show.


If they have a budget for it, I’d actually really like a nature documentary/Steve Irwin style show talking about all the various monsters in the D&D multiverse. Imagine someone trying to get up close to an owlbear or a purple worm or a dragon, talking about the wonders of these beautiful and fascinating creatures that could easily end them in an instant if not careful.
Sounds like the perfect vehicle for a Monster Hunters Association show. Basically, a new "Ecology" article on screen each episode.


bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller

A weekly talk show that interviews characters from the movies, video games and other media projects.
Occasional appearances by real world people

Explorers of the Virtual Kingdom.

This is a show produced in Kamigawa(Neon Dinasty). In this world when they created fictional places (movies, videogames, literature) then the dream plane was affected. Then some domains within the dream plane are as theme parks or copies/imatiation of those worlds. For example if in Kamigawa the teenages play Fortnite, then there is a domain of the Virtual Kingdom as an imatation of Fortnite setting. And there are curious cases of souls after death are reincarnated within these fictional worlds. Let's imagine a teenage killed during Phyrexian invasion, and when she is reincarnated in the other life is Raitslin, Kitiara, or a female version of Tas. The original continuity is not affected or altered at all, but the reincarnated souls are in a different "continuity".


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
A piece of the Law & Order franchise: Law & Order: NuTSR, following all the twists and turns in the NuTSR saga. Goodness knows there is enough material to keep it running for many seasons... :rolleyes:

I like the idea of extremely difficult and next to impossible one-shot adventures. Professional gamers trying their best to see how far they can get. If I remember correctly, I think 4e (not televised) had some adventures like this. They were absolutely impossible, but it was fun to see how far one could get in the adventure before dying.

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