Starfinder Little House In The Vast

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The force of the bullet from Zyzzy's pistol has Hesala stepping back just a bit - right into position where Sobec's starlight doshko cleaves clean through her leg. The lashunta stumbles as Cannister cries out, "Mistress!" and she crashes hard to the deck, letting out a strangled gasp, then coughing up blood - a lot of blood. The hailcannon falls away to the side. Her mechanical arm reaches out and fingers dig into a groove in the floor. Hesala pulls herself forward, and if a lashunta's gaze could kill certainly the vesk would be struck dead. "Bastard..." she says through gritted teeth. "I'll... I'll just get a ne-" and at that moment her words are cut short as Tara's laser beam cuts through her 'good' shoulder blade.

The android, for his part, just stands there - staring at the fallen Hesala.

Skitter is rocked back by the ice shard, he shivers as the cold bites to his core. He raises his pistol about to fire when Sobec and Tara dispatch the lashunta. He switches his aim to the android.

"Drop the weapon, the rest of your friends are unconscious or surrended. There is no point in continueing the fight."

Skitter keeps ready in case the android decides to continue fighting.

When the android seems subdued, Zyzzy moves forward and removes the power pack from the big ice gun. "Hopefully, we won't be needing this any time soon." She looks doubtfully around the bridge to see if at least the control systems are still intact.


The android turn his head towards Skitter for a moment, apparently confused. But then his arms whip up above his head and his pistol goes flying out of his hand and crashes into one of the transparent viewports. "I surrender! I surrender!" he cries out with overwrought emphasis.

There looks like there is some light damage to a number of the control stations, but nothing in excess of the redundancies built into their systems. From here you will be able to control the entire ship, or, you know, what's left of it.

"Let's scan the ship and make sure there's no one else on board and once that's secure, let's get a general inventory to see what works, what doesn't work, and just how many credits we need to scratch together to get the ship off the ground again." Zyzzy says. "I suppose we should also figure out what we are going to do with these prisoners." As if suddenly remembering something, she looks down at the lashunta. "Is she dead?"

Skitter limps over towards the main terminal and begins to access the ships computer. He begins a scan of the ship to make sure there are no more people hiding onboard. As the scan runs the Ysoki starts a systems diagnostic to see the status of the various ship systems.

OOC: Here is a computer roll and engineering roll just in case I need them.
Computer roll: 1d20+9 27
Engineering roll: 1d20+11 20


The android edges towards Hesala. "I possess limited medical functionality, but if I may be permitted to attend to her I will ascertain whether she may be salvaged."


Cannister springs to work and immediately grabs the sheet off the bed, twisting it into a makeshift tourniquet, which he wraps around Hesala's leg stump. He produces a number of other objects which he uses to cauterize or patch up her wounds as needed. "My mistress was ready to expire but my intervention has halted her transition to inoperable status, at least temporarily. I will need to keep watch over her, and she may yet die without adequate care. I fear my skills may not be up to the task."

Skitter, meanwhile, has access to everything he could possibly want here using the command codes and the bridge consoles. Unfortunately that does not seem to amount to much more than the hull and the engine. There is some information about the living arrangements and day to day activities of Hesala's gang. But the ship logs from before the Viridian Horse 'beached' here seem to have all been wiped. On a hunch the ysoki runs a sophisticated retrieval protocol on the system and it does turn up one file - entitled LIGHTS OUT.

"There are no medical facilities on board. And I did not notice any back at the town," Zyzzy says. "You will have to do your best. I have no skills in medicine. I believe Skitter has some but he appears busy at the moment."

She says to the others. "We should get all the prisoners to one location. I believe we have left them at various locals about the ship currently."

She turns to Skitter. "Find anything?"


Tara takes the time to secure the nerve center of the ship, making sure there aren't any nasty surprises and also making sure that if they have to defend it, they can defend it well.

Skitter looks at the file he recovered with anticipation. He downloads the file to his custom rig to review later and answers Zyzzy.

"Not good Red. The ship is pretty much gutted. Only system still working is the engine." Skitter Looks at the others. "Someone wiped the core after they mothballed her. They did a pretty damn good job too. I was only able to recover one file. Haven't tried to open it yet."

As he speaks he begins a general diagnostic on the recovered file. No telling what kind of security was placed on the file. There was a good chance it might be encrypted or worse.

OOC: Not sure if you want me to roll a computer check again. I'm looking to see if the file has any form of security on it. Encryption or countermeasures primarily. Corruption as well. If I don't see anything I'll open the file.


OOC: There is no extra check required. The 27 you already gave me is how I determined you would be able to recover this file. I have just been holding off a bit because I cannot remember what my original plan for this was, 😅 . I suddenly remember that there is still a trap on the door - you are able to disable it without trouble now that things have calmed down. It was a simple grenade trap, with the tripwire rigged to pull the pin and let it drop into the open doorway.

Skitter is able to play the reconstructed file right on the main console. The lights on the bridge flicker for a moment though there is no reading to indicate a power surge or malfunction. And then suddenly the holographic visage of a thin-faced human woman, perhaps in her mid thirties, is projected above the console. There is a bit too much blue in the hologram, whether from corruption of the data or the projector.

"Looks like this is where we part ways, old friend," she says, eyes momentarily cast downwards and with a slight movement in her right shoulder. "I had hoped I could convince Zeparahk to lose interest in me, but every time I try to contact him he gives me an earful about his 'honour' and that 'conciliation of blood' . Two decades of peace with the Veskarium has apparently afforded them a lot more free time to pursue personal vendettas."

The image of the woman pauses for a breath and perhaps to gather her thoughts. "Leaving you, my loyal steed, is my best chance to throw that vesk off my trail. I am going to take quite the hair cut," she says, a hand coming up into view to slowly stroke her ponytail, "...but I do not want Zeparahk to track me down through any buyers. And maybe... maybe in six months or a year when this has died down a bit I can come back for you. You should be safe enough here - the radiation here in the Cluster has already been giving us a lot of trouble, and a couple more weeks and you should be grounded until I can come back with new parts. There are just a handful of buildings in the Farms, and the people there mostly seem like good sorts."

"Oraeshab and I have finished one last pass on the systems and we are ready to head out. We are going to take th-" she pauses, mouth closing as it seems she is thinking hard. "Perhaps it would be for the best if I kept that to myself. If Zeparahk manages to find you here, well, it would not be too smart to just give him our destination. I... I was not going to do this, but I just changed my mind; a full wipe of your memory. I do not have time to download all of your data before we go. We had a lot of good times, you and I. But this is it - at least for now: Lights out. If I see you again, it will be with a clean slate."

The woman in the image shifts for a moment and then the image flickers and dies, leaving a silence that is broken when Hesala groans weakly. The message was, unfortunately, not very instructive - just a final captain's log. But it does sort of stick out when she refers to Kreba Farms as having 'just a handful of buildings' . The place is small and remote but their is a thin corporate infrastructure here, and a population that reflects that. The name 'Zeparahk' does not mean much to any of you, though Sobec recognizes it of course as a good, strong vesk name. But the name 'Oraeshab' does trigger a hint of recognition in Zyzzy. It takes her back, but she remembers an unusual comms transmission her mentor had received once when they were out on a practice run. The sender had referred to an Oraeshab, and it had confused her at first as she did not know anyone by that name, but then she realized it referred to him, her teacher.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec nods while standing over the defeated lashunta, his weapon ready in case she tries to escape or attack.

"Collect their bounties, otherwise evict them from our new ship."

The vesk ponders for a moment; something that does not seem to come naturally to the warrior.

"That woman was fleeing from a vesk," he states the obvious. "Seems like a long time ago, so she must've been found and sacrificed to satisfy his honour. She's not coming back with spare parts, and perhaps there is still someone searching for this ship."

Looking over at his ysoki friend, Sobec asks, "Skitter, can you rename the ship in the computer?"

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