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Starfinder Little House In The Vast


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec nods as Zyzzy suggests they contain the prisoner somewhere out of hearing, and he looks around for a small room or closet, or lacking that, a fixed railing or something to which he can tie her.

OOC: Assuming he finds such a place...

Returning to the others, the vesk says, "We shouldn't leave the corpses out there in the open. Who knows what sort of scavengers that will attract. And did someone strip them of their weapons? We may need them."

If none of the others move to do so, Sobec will do as he suggests, otherwise he will stay near the door to prevent the enemy from coming in that way.

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Zyzzy was holding the weapons that were dropped. She left the ones she could not use in a pile not far from the entrance.

(She now has a light pistol. I should update her inventory.)

OOC: Kaodi, can you give us a list of what we picked up? I assume the pistol Zyzzy picked up is a "semi-auto pistol, tactical" from the rulebook. But she also stacked the other three weapons near the entrance. If they have any kind of armor, we would probably strip them of that too. And if we are tracking ammo, how much ammo is there? How much is still in each weapon?
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OOC: There were two tactical semi-auto pistols and one hunting rifle, the latter of which came with an extra clip of ammo, as well as an mk i frag grenade. The pistol you grabbed had eight rounds left, the other one had seven, and the rifle had five (plus the six from the extra clip).They were not wearing armour of any kind, just environmental clothing.


With a few commands you are able to get one of the blast doors along the hallway to close. That will give you some time to advance, though the enemy may decide on a change of plans as well.

After the woman is moved away from where they are talking, Zyzzy asks. "Are there any access tubes that can get us behind them? I can't imagine there is only one way to travel on the ship. What if that way is exposed to space?"

Skitter grabs the grenade and shoves it into his mouth. He then tries to pull up a schematic of the ship to see if there is any way around the bandits.

"I'm seeing if there is another route. But we need to move quick before they decide to try the same."


There are some alternate access points but from what Skitter can ascertain when the blast doors along the hallway are engaged similar safety measures automatically block off the maintenance tubes. In the event of catastrophic damage this would help keep whole sections from venting air into space through the tubes, but it would take some work and time to rig them to function independently for the moment. If you are willing to play the waiting game though you could proceed to the engineering bay at the rear of the ship and give it a shot.


"I'm in favor of keeping the ship. If nothing else, we can find a way to get it going more easily than we can find a brand new ship." Tara nods towards the survivor. "And I say we let her go. She gave up a lot of info and she's no threat, and I'd rather not babysit a prisoner."

She then took a grenade in hand, her rifle in the other, and nodded at Skitter. "I say, we go for Engineering. Element of surprise."

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