Starfinder Little House In The Vast


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Now is not the time to play games, Skitter," Sobec says with some glee as he watches the screen. "We need to move."

As if to stress that point, the vesk raises his starlight weapon and stands ready next to the door they want opened.

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"Oh I hate this game. Can never remember the weaknesses."

Skitter mutters under his breath. He shoots Sobec a look at the comment.

"It's someone on the bridge. They cut off my access and are messing with me. I don't have root access from here so can't override."

Skitter checks his rig. He wants to make sure this isn't a distraction. He looks at the three options and shrugs. He selects Shotruption and waits. As he does he types out something to Zyzzy on his rig. He shows her the display putting his finger to his lips to indicate to keep quite.

I need root access. I might go back to engineering. If I do you'll need to keep them busy.

OOC: When I was in Engineering did I see a why to shutdown the reactor manually? If I do that, can I bring it back online again? Would I know if the terminal in Engineering would allow me to override the one on the bridge?


OOC: Yes, while you were playing around with the systems you would have seen how you could shut it all down. But for the time being how about a Computer check?


Shotruption hops around for a second and then uses an impressive looking fire attack. The screen reads Shotruption uses Plasmoar! It's super effective! A bar above the enemy critter partially drains away, but it dances and then attacks with two sharp strikes. NYSHAGORE uses Apex Slash! the screen reads as a bar below Shotruption partially drains away.

OOC: Another Computer check, please, : ) .
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Skitter shrugs and continues to tap things on the terminal.

"I was planning to just cut their access. If that doesn't work then they'll just override any thing I do."

Skitter selects another attack on the "game" trying to figure out if he is accomplishing anything or just wasting time.

"Let's see if this gets me anywhere. If I can break through from here it would be easier. If not I have some ideas. Everyone will let me get back to you before we go in."

OOC: Computer roll: 1d20+9 25


This time it seems that NYSHAGORE goes first, and it uses the same move as last time, bringing your Shotruption perilously low in health. But then the screen flickers black for a moment before lighting up with a kaleidoscope of colours. Shotruption uses Paragon Flame! It's MEGA effective! And as the animation envelops the enemy creature its health bar drains down to nothing. NYSHAGORE has fainted!

A sound comes from the door, like a magnetic seal being released, and the battle arena on the screen fades away, replaced by the ordinary operating controls along with a single query and a red rectangular with a generic hand shape inside: Open Door?

Zyzzy sees the screen and says, "Do it." She skitters back from the door to get cover at the nearest turn in the hallway. She knows she's not built for front line fighting.


The door makes a whirring noise and then slides open, revealing -

OOC: Roll for Initiative, and give me Perception checks.


...a bridge in disarray. In the middle section, where you would ordinary expect the command chair to be, there appears to be a large bed of sorts, with one or two other pieces of furniture. Behind partial cover the bed provides stands a stout looking female lashunta with spiky red hair, a robotic arm, and a big damn gun. "Time to die," she says as she snaps off a shot and what appears to be a giant shard of ice narrowly deflects off of Sobec's plated armour.

The bridge is a semi-circular affair, with the floor sinking around the edges to where most of the crew stations are with the viewing ports in front of them. There is maybe fifteen feet in between you and the foot of the bed.

Strung across the doorway there is a tripwire. You cannot see what it is attached to.

OOC: You guys are up.

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