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Starfinder Little House In The Vast


The woman is somewhat rough looking, as one would expect for a bandit, but she is not seem very old, with a slender frame, shaggy dirty blonde hair, and skin tanned by time spent outdoors. The glances briefly at the other human, the male, slumped against a barricade, before looking away. She accepts the restraints without complaint.

"Less than ten of us in all, and you already iced three and nabbed me," she says quietly, eyes cast downward. "We got a big ship but not a big crew, not that that there was much left of it when we moved in. We haven't really done much with the place either."

Sparky goes out and looks around, but the droid is not able to find any holes to get through. The engine wells were sealed up pretty tight. Once someone has a look at the door in the hold though, they will see that there is a control panel adjacent to it with functioning screens that light up when engaged with.

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For a few moments the control system seems unresponsive but then a prompt pops up asking for an override code. You input the combinations from the package and then the screen colour changes from a dull orange to luminous green and you are in. From there it is simply enough to switch the lights in the bay on, and they flicker to life in distinct stages.

The bay is large, as you would expect for a freighter of this size. But it seem mostly... empty. There are the two buggies, and a scattering of open, unused crates. There is also a lot of dust, obviously blown in from outside due to this hold being used as an ersatz entryway. The prisoner briefly looks up to take a look around as well. "The boss told us to keep the lights in here off," she says, "Something about making it less inviting to anyone nosing around." She pauses a moment, glancing around at you. "This big tub does not have much, it was stripped when we got here, but it does have power."

Zyzzy asks, "Has there been many folk 'nosing around'?" (She says the quoted text practically in the women own voice, certainly with the exact same inflection.) "How much has been stripped?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Now that the battle is over, at least for now, and another person is present, Sobec once more becomes rather quiet. He moves the prisoner around somewhat roughly, but not too much so. The vesk positions her so that it is easier to address Zyzzy and Skitter.

Meanwhile Sobec looks around the now lit bay. He is curious what the bandits used the empty crates for, or what was in it before they opened them, but he does not interrupt the interrogation the android and the ysoki are conducting.


The woman gives you brief dirty look at the implied mockery before shaking her head. "Everything but the power core," she answers. "I'm not really the fix-it type, I don't know if it was too big or dangerous to move or whatnot."

There is nothing about the crates that makes it immediately apparent what they were used for. Given the location of the ship it is possible that they were for foodstuffs or some sort, but this is a pretty big ship for the crop sizes likely to be found around here.

Zyzzy asks, "Again, has there been many folk 'nosing around'?"

"Where do you suspect your crewmates have retreated to?"

OOC: I ask multiple questions to speed the posting of info. I assume there are answers between questions. Zyzzy is not peppering the woman with a barrage of questions.

Is there a computer terminal around? Would Zyzzy know the default layout of this ship (she rolled well earlier to identify it)?


"A few," she says. "A couple were from the settlement. We roughed 'em up and sent 'em packing. Can't press them too far though, 'cause we still needed supplies from there from time to time. Some outsiders thou-" The woman suddenly bites her tongue, thinking maybe she has said too much.

"Maybe the guys are further along the the cargo deck, maybe the next floor, who knows?" she says of her fellow bandits. "You wanna find out, go look yourself. I've done enough snitching."

OOC: There is the console Tara used to turn on the lights.

Zyzzy has an idea, from her past experience and just looking at the ship. Along the bottom deck you have basically a long hallway with a number of blast doors at various intervals, though these would only be engaged to prevent air loss, fires, or other catastrophic damage, with the engineering bay at the back. The next couple decks would be facilities and quarters, with the bridge deck at the top.

As a practical matter there is probably no way I can actually make an actual deck plan for the ship. A large ship is really big, and the scale does not entirely make sense either.

Skitter's nose twitches as he sees Tara input some codes into the computer system and the display go green. He listens to Zyzzy continue to question the captive but moves over towards the terminal. He smiles at Tara.

"Hey mind if I take a look?"

Skitter pulls a cable from a port on his prosthetic arm and plugs into the terminal. Once the connection is established the holographic keyboard appears and the ysoki taps some commands out. Skitters tail begins to twitch impatiently while he waits for the diagnostics scan to complete and him to gain access.

OOC: I want to access the terminal and try to tap into the ships internal sensors. Also going to run a quick diagnostics on the systems to see what other things I can access or find. I'd also like to tap into the internal coms of the ship if possible.

Computer roll: 1d20+9 21

"So if the ship is stripped, what are these people doing here? There must be something worth defending that they have pulled back to defend. So what is that? Where would they want to defend against us reaching? Normally I would say we need to get to the bridge. But the bridge is useless without engines. Do you wish to tell me what is up there they want to defend."

(assuming she repeats her "I've said to much" stance....)

Zyzzy levels her pistol at the woman. "So you are saying you are of no more use to me? I don't always understand colloquialisms but I believe you are of no use to me. I suppose there are always slavers. You might be worth a few credits. Not sure I want to deal with slavers. You probably aren't worth that time."

OOC: Bluff I suppose, though Zyzzy considers it Diplomacy. She is just stating facts. But they are the same roll.
Bluff/Diplomacy [roll0]

Life Science [roll1] Has Zyzzy learned anything about "culture" of these people. So far she guesses they aren't tight knit since they just abandoned the woman. Can Zyzzy determine anything else about them?

(If the woman says "you won't shot me", she gets shot, aim for a leg. If she talks, Zyzzy might have followup questions. If not she turns to the others. If the woman says nothing, Zyzzy turns to the others and ignores the woman from here on out.)

"I know this ship design, assuming a stock build. But for the most part, we are on the lower deck and it just runs from stern to bow. The levels above that level are living quarter and the bridge is up top. I doubt they are on the bridge, so I suspect they will be gathered in a lounge near the living quarters. So far, they don't seem to care much about one another. So I suspect whatever "treasure" they have is in their individual living quarters and not in a central location. The boss probably has the most."

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