Starfinder Little House In The Vast

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Tara is looking a little banged up, but not actually down and out. As she soaks attacks, though, she almost hesitates - before psyching herself up. She lets Sobek take point on the move into the ship, and instead fires a warning shot close to the female human behind the barricade.

"Surrender, or the next one goes through your chest."

OOC: Tara is firing a warning shot. The intent is to get them to surrender without filling anyone in the group full of holes.

Intimidation attempt: 1d20 17


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec is disappointed in the other vesk when he does not rise after being punched in the face, but he has no time for wittiness because of the sudden attack from inside.

"And you should have killed me when you had the chance," he roars in response, grabbing the by now fully formed weapon made of pure starlight and charging inside towards the unseen threat.

OOC: Form the solar weapon, in the shape of the traditional vesk weapon doshko, then move inside. I'm afraid that's it for this round...

Current stamina points: 3/8
Current hitpoints: 13/13


The woman ducks down behind the barrier, but a second later she tosses something over that clatters when it hits the ramp - her pistol. Now inside the bay with his glowing solar mote, Sobec can see roughly the layout. The bay is quite large as one would expect for a vessel of this size, with the walls only vaguely visible beyond the edges the dim light. But parked in the centre are two exploration buggies, one of which is definitely the one he saw the bandits driving earlier. The other looks similar, but it appears that it was painted bright red underneath before the bandits got a hold of it.

Sobec sees what looks like the outline of a door just as another streak of laser fire whizzes towards him, though it is intercepted by the frame of one of the buggies. It is followed by a short whirring sound distinctly like a door closing. Whoever the other person was, it seems they are retreating.

OOC: End of combat, I suppose, unless you guys really want to keep moving.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"They're retreating!" Sobec shouts, alerting his allies to the situation inside. Then the vesk steps outside to check if the others are coming or if the fight is still going on.

If the fighting seems finished, Zyzzy will pick up the tossed weapons. She will keep a pistol for personal use.

OOC: on the assumption that we are woefully unprepared to handle prisoners

Zyzzy levels the pistol at the woman, "Lead the way up the ramp. Who many of your crew are left on the ship?" When they get into the bay, she says, "Do we have a way to restrain this one? And how many people did you see retreat?"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Not sure," Sobec says as he drops his backpack and with one hand takes out a simple pair of binders. "Didn't see anyone, but I suspect only one. Ask the woman."

Releasing his weapon, which reshapes into a mote of starlight and starts orbiting around the vesk once more, Sobec walks up to said woman and binds her wrists behind her back.

OOC: Dropping out of photon attunement.

Skitter follows the others inside the ships hold. As he goes he taps something on the small display on his prosthetic arm. Once complete Sparky bounds off around the side of the ship. Skitter speaks softly to the others.

"Sparky is going to see if he can get in through the hole in the engineering bay. If he finds anything he'll let me know."

Skitter scans the hold, keeping his weapon out but pointed towards the deck.

"They are probably falling back to a more defensible position." He turns to their captive waiting for her response. "What sort of defenses and traps have you setup inside?"


Tara walks onto the ship, weapon ready but not sweeping around, as she works to secure the area. If given a moment, she'll rest up and regain lost stamina.

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