Starfinder Little House In The Vast


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec shuts up as they emerge from the cramped corridor and into the wider spaces. Realizing that combat is likely inevitable, the vesk grabs the tiny orbiting star right out of the air, and it transforms into a weapon immediately. A weapon made of pure starlight.

OOC: Stealth check: [roll0]

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Zyzzy whispers before the emerge, "Do we go back down and take out the forward guards or do we go straight for the bridge? I think we go back down first so they can't sneak up on us later. I doubt those on the bridge will come to support those not on the bridge."

OOC: Stealth: [roll0]


Stealthily creeping along is a bit touch and go, but you manage to reach the main "thoroughfare" without being detected. Peeking around the corner of a t-shaped intersection you see the bandit driver with another human and a lashunta, though this one is male. They appear to have set up a defencive position at the top of the stairs leading to the lower decks, and appear to be more heavily armed than those you encountered on the ramp. Suddenly though a movement from Sparky creates a faint tapping noise and one of the bandits looks behind - and spots you!

"They're behind us!" he shouts, turning and moving up along the corridor through the intersection, turning to take a shot at the biggest, most threatening target - Sobec, with his laser rifle. Your armour offers little protection again the burning hot beam.

OOC: Sobec takes 5 fire damage. I was hoping you guys would roll better for initiative, :\ . Tara is up.

You are all around the corner of the t-intersection, with the position the bandits were holding to the right. The one who is acted is now in clear view of all of you, on the left side of the intersection.

Human Male 14
Tara 12
Driver 10
Lashunta Male 10
Zyzzy 8
Sobec 6
Skitter 4
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A moment behind the first bandit the others follow suit and back along the corridor to where they can see you, and where they are now in between you and the way up to the bridge. The driver from before is carrying a laser pistol and takes at his fellow pilot, Zyzzy, but completely flubs the shot. And the last, the lashunta, turns and is revealed to by carrying a heavy arc caster, which he promptly fires on Tara. The Azlanti is washed in painful electrical energy, and then it jumps to Skitter, shocking him as well.

OOC: I should have just stuck to group initiative, sorry. In any case, Tara takes 8 electric damage and Skitter takes 5. You guys are all up. I hope you roll as well as that lashunta.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec roars in pain as the shot penetrates his armour and burns into his skin, but his growl turns into an angry roar as the large vesk charges at his assailant. The starlight weapon seems to burn brighter as if responding to Sobec's anger, and the doshko shaped weapon slashes forward at the bandit.

OOC: Ouch, that hurts! It's tapping into my hp now.

Going into Photon attunement; currently level 1
Attack bandit (assuming I'm close enough for a melee attack): [roll0] for [roll1] (includes photon mode) slashing damage.

Current stamina points: 0/8
Current hitpoints: 11/13


OOC: You guys had a chance to regain stamina with resolve earlier? Unless I am misunderstanding how regaining stamina works, I think that would mean you are still just absorbing damage with stamina.

Zyzzy shoots at the lashunta with the heavier weapon. There is no external sign of joy that she hit the enemy for once. Then she ducks back around the corner. "I was not built for this."

OOC: Attack [roll0] Damage [roll1]
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Skitters fur puffs out as he takes the damage from the arc caster. Skitter squeezes off a shot with his laser pistol and takes cover. Sparky fires off a shot with his pulsecaster at the Lashunta.

OOC: Laser pistol shot and fire damage: 1d20+2 14 1d4 3

Not sure if Sparky is within 30 ft of any of the enemy. Going to have him shoot. If he is not in range then let me know and I will edit a move into the post.

Pulsecaster shot and nonlethal electricirty damage: 1d20+3 15 1d4 3


Tara's head is on a swivel, but she's not quite fast enough to dodge the hit; she takes it in the shoulder, pinwheeling back.

She recovers, moves behind cover, and takes aim at the lashunta. She fires a shot from her laser rifle, but the hit's thrown her aim off.

OOC: Attack & Damage (VS. EAC): 1d20+5 7 1d8 2


the magical equivalent to the number zero
You guys had a chance to regain stamina with resolve earlier? Unless I am misunderstanding how regaining stamina works, I think that would mean you are still just absorbing damage with stamina.
From the core rulebook (emphasis mine): "You can spend 1 Resolve Point to regain lost Stamina Points, up to your normal maximum. Using this ability requires 10 minutes of uninterrupted rest—if you’re interrupted partway through this process, you neither regain your Stamina Points nor lose the Resolve Point. You must take 10 consecutive minutes of uninterrupted rest to use this ability and cannot simply rest in intervals that total 10 minutes."

So did we take 10 minutes of rest? Reading back I thought not, but if so, my stamina points would be 3/8 and my hitpoints 13/13. And resolve points 2/3.


As he is deeply slashed by the lightforged doshko the man takes a started step back and squeezes the trigger while his rifle is pointed in Tara's direction, with the lance of laser fire whizzing by her and scoring the wall. The lashunta with the arc caster meanwhile, smarting from his wounds, turns his weapon on the most dangerous looking Sobec. A painful blast of electricity envelopes the vesk and then arcs towards the eponymous Sparky, but luckily neither seem too much the worse for wear. Only the driver seems to be able to keep his sights on his original target, though his aim has still not recovered and the shot of laser fire misses the android.

OOC: Sobec takes 4 electricity damge, Sparky takes 1. I assumed that you got a break while you were fixing the controls for the maintenance tunnels. Technically Skitter might not have been resting since he was working, but I am playing it a bit loose. I have not DMed Starfinder before, and have not done a lot of DMing period, so I want to try and give you guys the opportunity to use your recovery resources as much as I can until I get a better grasp of things. This round could have gone a lot worse for you guys, :D .

Zyzzy is impressed by the team already knowing to concentrate fire on the biggest threat first. She was unaware of her leadership abilities up until now. Setting that aside for the moment she takes another shot at the lashunta.

OOC: Attack vs KAC [roll0] Damage [roll1]


The lashunta will have a hard time using that arc caster anymore with a hole in his forehead. He falls backwards and the heavy weapon clatters to the deck.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec is hardly aware that the pain from being hit with electricity is not, in fact, coming from the bandit in front of him, but from the lashunta. Instead the vesk bites through the hurt and swings his starlight doshko again at the one who first hit him, wanting to bring him down fast before turning to the others.

OOC: Alright, thanks for the retrospective stamina points! Currently on: SP 0/8, HP 12/13, RP 2/3.

Photon attunement level 2
Attack (solar weapon): [roll0] for [roll1] slashing damage (includes photon damage)


Sobec brutally cuts down the laser rifle wielding ban... dead. Now there is only the driver. And he is sweating. Profusely.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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