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Starfinder Little House In The Vast

"I question where we will find the credits to get this ship off the ground," Zyzzy says. "But if you are game, so am I. However, I prefer we not let her go in case she brings back reinforcements. Not that I suspect she will. But there is the possibility."

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec shrugs. "Then we keep her here for the time being, then let her go when reinforcements are pointless. Like, when we can get this thing off the ground."

He looks at Zyzzy, before adding, "Maybe these bandits will leave some valuables around for us to trade for credits. Or someone may want to have them returned to whatever hole they crawled out of and is willing to pay us for the effort. We'll find a way."

OOC: How much do the missing ship parts cost? Rough figures?

"I think the amount of missing parts here will be far more expensive then might be lying around," Zyzzy says. "If they had that kind of money, wouldn't they have repaired the ship themselves? Regardless, we first need to evict them before we can plan for repair costs."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Smiling, Sobec looks at Zyzzy again.

"Alright, clever one. You're smarter than me, I know, but that also means you will find a way."

Then, very very gently, Sobec affectionately pats her on the head with his massive paw.

"Alright, let's move," he says more sternly as the vesk turns to the passageway.


OOC: Ships costs are abstract in Starfinder. At level 2 you will have enough BP to make the ship "functional" . It will just be a matter of working into the story how you get access to what you need, or coming up with a creative alternative.

Skitter shrugs as he begins tapping more commands into his rig. He sets an alert to chime if the blast door opens.

"I think we'll have to worry more about availability. I don't see a drift drive retailer around here anywhere."

Skitter points down another corridor.

"I think engineering is this way." He looks at Sparky. "Stay here and watch for any movement. If you see anything alert me."

Skitter then begins to lead the way towards the engineering bay.


Engineering is just a hop, skip, and a jump away as you were already at the rear end of the ship. Inside you are greeted by the comforting hum of the Nova Light ship reactor. Without much in the way of systems the reactor is currently in low power mode, but it looks like it was left relatively untouched by whatever scavengers stripped the ship.

Skitter finds a functioning console for the compute mainframe and gets to work rigging the maintenance tube safety measures to function independently of the main corridor blast doors. It takes some time, time you imagine Hesala is directing her crew to also make use of, but you get the job done. You can now enter the access point nearest the blast door on your side and use it to try and flank the bandits. Everyone should be able to make it through, though Sobec may wish he was a ysoki by the time all of this is done.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sobec grumbles more and more the further they progress in the narrow passageways, keeping his voice down but only barely.

"Couldn't you find a smaller ratway? I didn't hit my head on the ceiling for a whole two seconds there," he voices his displeasure towards Skitter.

Amazingly, the tiny star that forever orbits the vesk keeps finding the smallest of spaces to keep revolving around him despite the lack of room. Sobec carries a blaster in one hand and keeps it pointing forward, ready to shoot in case an enemy shows itself.

Zyzzy, pistol out, takes up the rear. In a soft tone she says, "It is unfortunate the access tube is cramped. Try to stay quiet. We don't know if they can hear us through the bulk head."


You emerge from the maintenance tubes into a relatively secluded section of the living quarters, two decks above where you were. Assuming the bandits you encountered earlier have not retreated to this level reaching the staircase should be relatively simple and then you will have command of both flanking position and the high ground. The maintenance tubes are relatively soundproofed, but now that you are back in the open you may want to take care to be quiet.

OOC: Now would be the time for stealth checks I suppose.

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