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Looking for a character


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I am going to be playing in an every-once-in-a-while game using the Shackled City Adventure Path. The group has decided to all start as clerics or paladins of various PHB/Complete Divine gods. The GM has us starting at 1st level, and, if we choose to play a paladin, we get a free feat that allows us to multiclass with cleric. There are also feats available that allow us to multiclass with one other class without penalty. However, if we multiclass, our religious class has to be the equal or higher in level of the two classes...

So far, we have:
* Paladin following the ideal of goodness (going to Fighter, with an eye toward mounted combat)
* Cleric of Kord (with Strength and Competition as domains, he's going to be a wrestler)
* Paladin of St. Cuthbert
* Paladin of Myrhiss, Godness of Love, Romance and Beauty (with TWF, a rapier and shortsword, and light armor - going to be a swashbuckling paladin, I assume)

We rolled our stats (4d6, drop the lowest), and I am pretty pleased with what I came up with: 9, 12, 13, 14, 14, 17. However, as for a character concept, I am just not finding something I am excited about. I do not have Complete Divine or Complete Arcane, so if offering suggestions from there, that's fine - just give me a few details to go on.

Oh, and the group has suggested wanting to try things WITHOUT arcane magic, but I am not set against it. In fact, my initial thought was paladin/sorcerer. but didn't like what I could come up with when constrained to having the paladin be the higher of the two classes.

I am hoping someone here has some suggestions...


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Try Monk/Paladin. They can have similar mindset, and there are a few feats that allow hybrid abilities. Also look at the Book of Exalted Deeds if you get a chance. There are several good ideas there for godly or good types... seems perfect for this particular campaign (despite being 3.0).
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If I were you, I wouldn't even consider being a cleric or a paladin. Seems to me that everyone has those route covered. Knowing ahead of time that the entire campaign takes place in one city, I would consider making a character geared with city life in mind. Why not make a "detective"? I realize that every paladin will have a high charisma score, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll take the skills they need to interact with the populace. Nor will they have the sleuthin' skills (or the bend in morality) to crack into places where they shouldn't be (stoopid Lawful Good).

I would say go Bard, and concentrate on learning information/detection magic. In fact, I might almost go Bard/Ranger and find/use alternate rules for Urban rangers, or even Bard/Rogue and be a skills monster with benefits. OR... OR... don't multiclass. ;) You'll be the star of the show!

Oh, and tell your buddy who's playing the priest of Kord that to be the best wrassler, he'll need a good selection of feats OR special abilities... I'd consider muti-classing into Fighter (for the feats) or Monk (and flavour his stuff with wrasslin'). :)


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I'd probably go for a 'bone picker' - think I'm stealing this idea from some oriental setting I played in, but I can't recall correctly. Basically, it's the guy a group of noble types bring along to do all the things they won't lower themselves too. Name comes from their main duty of taking things from corpses - a big taboo in that setting.

Feel it would make a nice contrast to the big pile of holy that your party has. Will also provide a bunch of useful skills I'm sure they'll be lacking in!

My choice would be for a street urchin whose dragged themselves out of the gutter, most likely a half orc rogue. Probably go for bluff, gather info, appraise and some breaking and entering skills... use magic device could be useful if theres no arcane stuff going on.

I'd go for a cheerful individual, albeit thoroughly grubby and would casually do stuff that'd gross out the holy squad.

If that doesn't appeal, I was rather taken with the Paladin/Rogue crossover class in Complete Adventurer. Might consider aiming towards that.


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And another thing! :)

If you want to play a paladin sorceror, you could just ignore the keep your paladin levels higher thing and take them at the 'front end' of the character. Paladin 2: Sorceror 6: Eldritch Knight X/Spellsword 1 seems rather popular?

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