2000AD Looking for hooks for the next Judge mission


Hi there,
my Judge Dread campaign reached a climax, when the Judge PCs were able to find evidences to take down a corporation, which was collecting alien artifacts. This corporation used the artifacts to summon they "queen" (a powerful energy-based enitiy) by merging her and some followers with mutants to create alien/human hybrids (insect-like features). Unfortunately the queen could flee and now she is hiding in Mega City One. What could be her next move?

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I don't play the game, but I would think that the Queen you describe would be looking for followers, food, a new base of operations, or all of the above.

If she is smart, then random disappearances of street folk takes place. Nobody who is really going to be missed. The Judges could spot a trend in crime reports though.

Or, perhaps she takes over the boss of a local street gang and uses that power to expand her "empire"


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