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D&D General Lore & Legends Forgotten Realms map now available.


Which map is better? This one or the 3.0 FR campaign setting guide one?
Probably depends on what you are using it for.

The one above gives you the "locations" of a lot of the adventures you can buy for 5E that don't actually exist in the Realms, so as a 5E resource it's useful to a lot of people and fun to look at. But the 3E map actually gives you all the small towns and villages and roads and landmarks that make for a more precise map from the "canon" of Faerunian history.

The 3E map (and the maps Mike Schley have done of the Sword Coast) feel more like Google maps of the true areas... where this 5E map feels like a Tourist's Map giving you just the big places to go see were you to arrive in town.

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The EN World kitten
Which map is better? This one or the 3.0 FR campaign setting guide one?
Well, here's what the latter looks like:


I was thinking of buying the Lore & Legends collector’s edition partly to get this (gorgeous) map, but now that I see a detailed version, the misplaced locations really bug me. And they’re not just slightly misplaced. The Stone Bridge isn’t even on the river, the Temple of the Elemental Eye is in the High Forest rather than the Sumber Hills… it seems like they decided on a font size for the location text labels and then, if more than one location would be scrunched too close together, they just moved the locations as far as necessary—a hundred miles or more in some cases—so all the labels would be spaced out more pleasantly.

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