WOIN Loremaster and Int question

Howdy Russ.

I had a question about Loremaster and its Int requirement. I noticed some time ago that every career I saw that had an attribute prerequisite also boosted that attribute. It is very much possible I missed one, but all the ones I noticed followed that pattern. And it kinda fits. If you need to be really agile to do the career, it probably improves your agility. Need to be super charismatic, it's probably gonna keep you down that path. But loremaster has average intuition (4) as a requirement, and never improves it. I was just really curious what the idea/reasoning was behind such a thing, if you'd be interested in sharing the reasoning behind the choice.
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Well, that was fun
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Honestly, I can't remember! It was a lot of years ago now! Though I would say I wasn't conscious of the pattern you describe.


I've wondered if the INT requirement might have been a weird holdover from the earliest playtests when intelligence was an attribute. It could have been easily overlooked since the abbreviation still had a stat connected to it.