DDAL Lost Tales of Myth Drannor: DDAL's "Secret" D&D Book For Gen Con 50

Lost Tales of Myth Drannor is an official D&D Adventurers League book containing six adventures for characters of levels 1-20. It is billed as a promo for Gen Con's 50th anniversary, although it will eventually appear on the DMs Guild -- from DDAL's Greg Marks: "It is a book that is a promo for GC50 and cons the admins are invited to. It will eventually appear on the DMsGuild."

Greg also added that "When initially released some are being distributed by BMG at Gen Con (I can't speak to how) and some by admins as promos" and that its appearance on DMsGuild would be "some months later.... PDF and possibly POD".

He added later that "I can't speak to what the BMG folks will be doing with their allotment, but the admins that are there will have some as well (myself, Claire and Alan are attending). The first print run of Super Secret Project 76 (not its real name) will be used by the admins as a promo item that we hand out at cons we go to (an actual book is a pretty awesome promo!). It will eventually go up on the DMsGuild as well, though not immediately. I will continue to tease more info on my twitter (@Skerrit7h3green) up until it is released on August 17th."

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 15.39.42.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 15.40.17.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 15.41.58.png


And there's a LOT of them sitting in boxes at Gen Con this week!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 15.42.29.png


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I like this idea.

Giving out free adventures at GenCon is okay, but putting them in the Guild later is great. Especially if they're PoD.

People printing their own doesn't make getting it as a rare exclusive less cool. Getting one at a con is still exclusive and exciting. But people who couldn't make it to a convention due to work or family (or losing the GenCon housing lottery) aren't losing out and forced to troll eBay.

We very much would like POD, but still working out some hurdles as its no longer generally available outside of publishers on the DMsGuild. We still have hopes we can work it out. However, because of this we don't have a firm date of when we will be able to get it posted.

Also check out my twitter (@skerrit7h3green) for more pictures including this mornings which has the full TOC and dedication.

Hutchimus Prime

Would love if I could grab this, but won't be at GenCon. If someone is going and could pick one up for me, like someone did for me with Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle that'd be awesome.

Showing some love and appreciation to the AL DM's is well and good.

I will say that over the last few years not only had I stopped, but didn't feel like getting back into organized play/AL when I did start back up because it felt like the DM's were not only being asked to do all the work, but to pay for their own materials.

Kudos for rewarding those who have put themselves out there, and also for making it available via the DMsG at a later time.


Would love if I could grab this, but won't be at GenCon. If someone is going and could pick one up for me, like someone did for me with Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle that'd be awesome.

This is going to be a lot harder to get then GoDC was. Just a fair warning. That book was for sale and they had thousands. This is a fun promo book that was done up as a reward with some extras for the AL Admins to hand out at various shows as they see fit. So there will not be a table with an Admin sitting at it just handing these out by the handful. If you are a DM active in the community and helping out probably increases your odds of them handing you one over just a random person asking. Just a heads up.

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