[LPF] The Devil We Know


[sblock=OOC BibB] Alright, let's hope he can make it to the door. :S Galandra can use Sacred Touch to stabilize Tsaaruck, but given the circumstances I don't know if she will have the chance to do it. [/sblock]

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[sblock=DM]Am I allowed to administer a potion to Tsaaruck to heal him this turn, or can I only administer potions to unconscious characters?[/sblock]



Lem's acid flask goes long, but still splashes some on the man and a nearby rat. Lydia almost takes down the rat facing her.


The hooded man sees you pulling back and sneers,
"You bastards are going to pay! We are going to kill you all! No quarter!"

OOC: Combat: Round 4 Continues
[sblock=Combat Information]Acid splashed M2 & R7 for 1 dmg

You guys
Men & Rats

Updated Map:
Furniture: Chairs are difficult terrain for all. Tables are for humanoids, but not for rats/halflings going underneath

Galandra:  23/32 HP remaining; 
Lem:       08/20 HP remaining; 
Menik:     17/17 HP remaining; 
Amien:     18/28 HP remaining; 
Lydia:     12/12 HP remaining;
Tsaaruk:   04/15 HP remaining; 

Spells Cast: Menik (Blindness), Ear-piercing scream
Abilities Used: Force
Conditions in effect:
Man1 (AC10/24HP): Blinded
Man2 (AC14/24HP): 8HP remaining, dazed
Man3 (AC0/24HP): Dead
Man4 (AC17/24HP): 8HP remaining
Man5 (AC16/??HP):
Rat1 (AC14/20HP): 6HP remaining
Rat2 (AC14/20HP):
Rat3 (AC14/5HP):
Rat4 (AC14/5HP): -9HP, dying
Rat5 (AC14/5HP): 0HP remaining, disabled
Rat6 (AC14/5HP): -8HP, dying
Rat7 (AC14/5HP):
Rat8 (AC14/5HP): -3HP, dying
Rat9 (AC14/5HP):
Rat10 (AC14/5HP):
Rat11 (AC14/5HP): -10HP, dying[/sblock][GM]Amien and Menik are left for Round 4.[/GM]
[sblock=For Det][QUOTE="Det, post: 6136748, member: 6701657"]Am I allowed to administer a potion to  Tsaaruck to heal him this turn, or can I only administer potions to  unconscious characters?[/QUOTE]It will provoke an AoO from R9 to do it. Since Lem went to H17, Amien would have to pull the potion out and use it while threated by that rat.[/sblock]



First Post
Amien had completely intended to put the bandit.. or whatever kind of criminal he happens to be (he's a bandit in his mind right now), in a state where he could easily be attacked by everyone around him, but Amien finds his overhead swing smashing a floor board into splinters instead, failing to catch the movement.

Damn if he's going to pay attention to warnings of being killed, Amien's at least try to prolong such a killing. He turns his attention away from the enemy he tried to ruin, and towards Tsaaruck calling for help. He takes a careful step away from his advasaries, and pulls out a potion to shove it in Tsaaruck's mouth with a warning, "I really, really do not like seeing friends die on me. I have.. very particular mental issues when it comes to friends dying."

[sblock=Turn Actions]5 ft. step to H16
Potion of CLW on Tsaaruck: 1d8=5[/sblock]

[sblock=Mini-Stats]Character Sheet Page

Condition: None
HP: 18/28
AC: 15
AC Touch: 12
AC Flatfooted: 13
Initiative: +2

Glaive Attack: +5, Glaive Damage: 1d10+4
Heavy Flail Attack: +5, Heavy Flail Damage: 1d10+4
Sling Attack: +4, Sling Damage: 1d4+3
- Sling Bullets (06)

Handy Haversack
- Potion of CLW x2
- Sunrod
- Trail Rations (12 days)[/sblock]
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Desperate times call for desperate measures. I can't let my friends be overwhelmed ...

"I hope you can forgive me, man over bar!" Menik states as he draws on the power of his bonded ring to cast a spell he has not prepared today, one of his most powerful ... and indiscriminate ... Stones begin crashing to the floor inside the old tavern.

[sblock=DM]Cast Stone Call, damage = 11 (no save). It's a full 40' radius so he places it to catch as many foes as he can without any allies in the area of effect, or prisoners that he knows about, other than the man over the bar. I think that if centered at D9 it will catch M1, M2, R1, R10, R9, R7, R2, R3 and no allies. In any case he will make sure not to get any allies in the area; since we have a grid you can make the call as to whether he can get all of those foes while being certain of that. M1's spell might be interrupted. The area will be difficult terrain for 3 rounds.[/sblock]

[sblock=mini stat block]

AC 17 (touch 13, ff 14) with mage armor
hp 17/17
Init +3, CMB +2, CMD 15, Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +3; Perception +5

att longsword +2 (1d8+1, 19/x2) or dagger +2 (1d4+1, 19/x2)
or longbow +4 ranged (1d8, 20/x3)

force missile (Sp): (1d4+1, as magic missile, 7/day, 1 used)

Arcane bond: ring; cast any spell in spellbook 1/day except Abj or Div (used to cast stone call)

spells prepared:
Level 0: daze (Will neg DC 14), ghost sound (Will DC 14), prestidigitation, disrupt undead (30', +4 RTA, 1d6)

Level 1: color spray (Will neg DC 15), mage armor (cast), magic missile (1d4+2,1d4+1),
ear-piercing scream& (3d6+1, daze 1 round, Fort DC 16 half + no daze)

Level 2: mirror image (1d4+1, 3 min),
flaming sphere&~ (3d6+1, Reflex neg DC 18, 130' range, 3 rounds),
blindness/deafness (Fort neg DC 16, cast)

Gear: 4 days' rations, potion of CLW (1d8+1), 40 arrows, club, periscope, pearl of power (1st level)

Deuce Traveler

Lem takes his moment out of the fight to toss the last acid vial he had placed upon his belt. "Gotta hit sometime..."

Moving now to H20 and tossing another acid flask at the man at R7... Rolled a 17 to hit and 2 for damage.

Character Sheet: http://livingpf.wikia.com/wiki/Lem_the_Cook_(Deuce_Traveler)
HP: 18/20
AC: 21, AC Touch: 20, AC Flatfooted: 15
Unarmed Strike: Attack: +9, -Damage: 1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option
Flurry of Blows: Attack: +8/+8, Damage: 1d4/1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option


The stones rain down over half of the inn's interior covering the area with rocks. It is not as effective as Menik would have liked, the stone only able to fall from 10 feet above the floor. It still manages to disrupt the druid's spell and fell most of the rats.


One of the tough rats was staggered but not down, and it was ordered to go to the blind spellcaster. "Heel my companion for me." The blinded man has no trouble finding the rat that touches him and he heals half of the rat's injuries. The other tougher rat scratches Amien with its bite.

The staggering rat in front of Lydia keeps pursuing her and misses its last efforts to bite her. It falls to the floor, dying. Only the two rat companions of the enemy spell casters remain.


The hooded men gang up on Galandra, one doing a rolling maneuver to tumble around behind her. His shortsword is only a scratch to her, but the real threat was the other one who closed in from behind and nearly buried his blade into her back.

"We need to get the wizard next, we nearly got this one! Ha, ha!"

OOC: Combat: Round 5
[sblock=Combat Information]M1 begins casting
M2 healed 9hp on R1
R2 hit Amien for 1 dmg
R5 missed Lydia & is dying
M4 succeeded acrobatics and his Galandra for 2 dmg
M5 Flanked and his Galandra for 13 dmg

You guys
Men & Rats

Updated Map:
Furniture: Chairs are difficult terrain for all. Tables are for humanoids, but not for rats/halflings going underneath

Galandra:  08/32 HP remaining; 15 dmg
Lem:       08/20 HP remaining; 
Menik:     17/17 HP remaining; 
Amien:     17/28 HP remaining; 1 dmg
Lydia:     12/12 HP remaining;
Tsaaruk:   10/15 HP remaining; healed 6

Spells Cast: Menik (Blindness), Ear-piercing scream, Stone Call
Abilities Used: Force bolt
Conditions in effect:
Man1 (AC10/24HP): 18HP remaining; Blinded
Man2 (AC14/24HP): 2HP remaining
Man3 (AC0/24HP): Dead
Man4 (AC17/24HP): 8HP remaining
Man5 (AC16/24HP):
Rat1 (AC14/20HP): 9HP remaining
Rat2 (AC14/20HP): 14HP remaining
Rat3 (AC14/5HP): -5HP, dying
Rat4 (AC14/5HP): -10HP, dying
Rat5 (AC14/5HP): -1HP, dying
Rat6 (AC14/5HP): -9HP, dying
Rat7 (AC14/5HP): -2HP, dying
Rat8 (AC14/5HP): -4HP, dying
Rat9 (AC14/5HP): -2HP, dying
Rat10 (AC14/5HP): -2HP, dying
Rat11 (AC14/5HP): -11HP, dying[/sblock][GM]Everyone is up for Round 5.[/GM]
[sblock=For Kinem]Since the ceiling is only 10 feet, the rocks and stone only can fall 10 feet equaling 1d6 damage. I used the first dice of 6.[/sblock][sblock=For Deuce Traveler]You were not up yet, your last actions are ignored and invalidated anyway by Menik's spell.[/sblock]


"YOU SON OF A-! I'm sick of tired of you!" Galandra shouts in anger at the man that just slashed her in the neck and unleashes powerful blows to both men flanking her. Blood splatters everywhere. Everywhere.

Then she steps over the corpse of the man and shouts at the remaining humans. "YOU ARE NEXT!"

[sblock= Combat]
Power Attack M4, Cleave M5 (nope), 5ft step to J16

Power Attack - Man4 (Favored enemy included)
1d20+8[17,8] = (25)

Dmg (Favored enemy included)
2d4+9[2,1,9] = (12)

EDIT: Seems like I wont be able to do this. (but if you allow me...)
Cleave - Man5 (Favored enemy included)
1d20+8[18,8] = (26) (CRIT THREAT)

Dmg (Favored enemy included)
2d4+9[4,2,9] = (15)

1d20+8[20,8] = (28) CONFIRMED

Dmg + KILLER trait
2d4+9[1,3,9] = (13) +2 = 15


[sblock=OOC] oops! Well, I certainly hope the man in the bar is still dying so we can still stabilize him. or is he "dead DEAD"? That would be some explaining to do. LOL[/sblock]


AC: 18 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 16)
HP: 8/32

Initiative: +2
Perception: +8/+10 vs Humans, Sense Motive: +2/+4 vs Humans,
CMB: +6 CMD: 18 Fort: +5 Reflex: +6 Will: +4

Masterwork Falchion +7 [2d4+4] 18-20
Dagger +6 [1d4+3] 19-20
Masterwork Comp Longbow STR3: +6 [1d8+3] x3 (110ft)

Effects: Killer
Combat Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Cleave

Conditions: None

In Hand: Masterwork Composite Longbow STR3


Efficient Quiver
  • -Blunt Arrows (20)
  • -Arrows (28)
  • -Masterwork Arrows (10)
  • -Javelins (10)
  • -Spears (3)


  • 4 days rations, Wand CLW (7 charges), Oil (2)
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Tsaaruck chokes a bit on the potion Amien pours into his mouth and feels the healing power repairing his injuries. With a nod to Amien "Thanks my friend. Now they pay!" Then the room is littered with falling rocks taking a toll on the rats. Once the rocks stop falling Tsaaruck leaps back into battle.

[sblock] Tsaaruck will rage giving him 23 str and 18 con. He moves to F15 and attacks M2=14 damage = 8[/sblock]

[sblock=mini stats]


HP: 10/15 (12/17 Rage) – 4 damage from rat, -3 from rat, -4 from rat healed 6 by Amien
AC: 12 (-2 rage)(Touch: 9, Flat: 11) 14 (Touch: 11, Flat: 13) with shield

Init: +1
CMB: +5 / CMD: 16
Fort: +5 / Ref: +1 / Will: +1
Speed: 40 ft.
In Hand: War Hammer: Attack: +7 (+2 from rage)+5 = [BAB (1) + STR (4) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
Damage: 1d8+6 (rage +2), Crit: 20/x3, Type B
Rage remaining: 5/6 [/sblock]
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