[LPF] The Devil We Know

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Your counter-attack is devastating with one of the skulking rogues down and another rat lies bleeding on the plank floor.

Menik spoils the summoning spell the man was casting, leaving him wounded and dazed from the scream.

Amien managed to trip the thug.


The blinded man begins casting his own spell as well. The rats continue to gnash and bite at you. Both Lydia and Tsaaruk receive nasty bites from filthy jaws.


The tripped man acrobatically rolls away from Amien, Lem, and Galandra and regains his feet. The other man steps into his place and stabs at the exposed flank of the halfling.

OOC: Combat: Round 4
[sblock=Combat Information]M1 begins casting
M2 spell disrupted and dazed in Round 3
R1, R10 missed Tsaaruk
R9 hit Tsaaruk 4 dmg
R2, R3, R7 missed Lem
R5 hit Lydia 3 dmg
M5 acrobatics & standing
M4 hit Lem 10 dmg

You guys
Men & Rats

Updated Map:
Furniture: Chairs are difficult terrain for all. Tables are for humanoids, but not for rats/halflings going underneath

Galandra:  23/32 HP remaining; 
Lem:       08/20 HP remaining; 10 dmg
Menik:     17/17 HP remaining; 
Amien:     18/28 HP remaining; 
Lydia:     12/12 HP remaining;
Tsaaruk:   04/15 HP remaining; 4 dmg

Spells Cast: Menik (Blindness), Ear-piercing scream
Abilities Used: Force
Conditions in effect:
Man1 (AC10/24HP): Blinded
Man2 (AC14/24HP): 9HP remaining, dazed
Man3 (AC0/24HP): Dead
Man4 (AC17/??HP):
Man5 (AC16/??HP):
Rat1 (AC14/20HP): 6HP remaining
Rat2 (AC14/20HP):
Rat3 (AC14/5HP):
Rat4 (AC14/5HP): -9HP, dying
Rat5 (AC14/5HP):
Rat6 (AC14/5HP): -8HP, dying
Rat7 (AC14/5HP):
Rat8 (AC14/5HP): -3HP, dying
Rat9 (AC14/5HP):
Rat10 (AC14/5HP):
Rat11 (AC14/5HP): -10HP, dying[/sblock][GM]You guys are up.

Actions are resolved in posted order, so keep in mind what the players that post before you are doing.[/GM]


Galandra gives a worried look at Tsaaruk. "Sh-... " she slashes at the man at her side with all her force. "Tsaaruk, be careful!"


Attack M4 + Power attack + Favored enemy (included)
1d20+8[14,8] = (22)

Damage + 2 Favored enemy
2d4+7[4,1,7] = (12) +2 = 14


AC: 18 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 16)
HP: 23/32

Initiative: +2
Perception: +8/+10 vs Humans, Sense Motive: +2/+4 vs Humans,
CMB: +6 CMD: 18 Fort: +5 Reflex: +6 Will: +4

Masterwork Falchion +7 [2d4+4] 18-20
Dagger +6 [1d4+3] 19-20
Masterwork Comp Longbow STR3: +6 [1d8+3] x3 (110ft)

Effects: Killer
Combat Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Cleave

Conditions: None

In Hand: Masterwork Composite Longbow STR3


Efficient Quiver
  • -Blunt Arrows (20)
  • -Arrows (28)
  • -Masterwork Arrows (10)
  • -Javelins (10)
  • -Spears (3)


  • 4 days rations, Wand CLW (7 charges), Oil (2)
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Deuce Traveler

Lem says after being seriously wounded by the man, "Getting a bit hot for me here in the front row... Lem awaaaay!"

Tumbling to H17 and tossing an acid flask at the man at H14... but missed.
Acrobatics Check at 28: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4061556/

Character Sheet: http://livingpf.wikia.com/wiki/Lem_the_Cook_(Deuce_Traveler)
HP: 18/20
AC: 21, AC Touch: 20, AC Flatfooted: 15
Unarmed Strike: Attack: +9, -Damage: 1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option
Flurry of Blows: Attack: +8/+8, Damage: 1d4/1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Special: Stunning Fist Option


[sblock= URGENT OOC FOR PARTY] I'm starting to think this more than we can chew. Galandra doesn't have Greater Cleave so she can only down two rats at a time at best.

Galandra has Sacred Touch to stabilize any dying party member if needed but I want to know if we are willing to surrender if someone falls given we are outnumbered and some of us are already heavily wounded.

In any case we should attempt to fall back to the entrance to handle them better. Next round I could try take position on H20/I20 with someone else (Amien?) while the rest are behind us healing themselves or try to do ranged attacks. Preferable, Lydia/Menik would have to try to take care of the rat at I20 first.

What are your thoughts?[/sblock]
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"Ow!" Lydia exclaims, shying away from the rat nipping at her. She takes a step back, loading her staff as she does, and without taking even a moment to aim, flings it harshly at the beast...

[sblock=DM]5-foot Step to I22.
Move Action: Load sling staff.
Standard Action: Attack rat 5 (15 + 4 = 19, Damage: 4 + 1 = 5).[/sblock]
...and apparently going on instinct works out rather well for her.

"Woo, on a roll!" She exclaims with a fist pump.

[sblock=Stats]Full Stats
HP: 9/12
AC: 16 (Touch: 14, Flat: 13)
Init: +3 (+5 in forest) / Speed: 30 ft.
CMB: +1 / CMD: 14
Fort: +4 / Ref: +5 / Will: +1 (+3 vs fear)
Speed: 30 ft.
In Hand: Halfling Sling Staff (Melee: +2 [1d4+1], Ranged: +4 [1d6+1], 80 ft.)
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"THE DOOR, NOW!" Galandra shouts seeing the way cleared where she and Amien could better hold them off or escape.
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First Post
Tsaaruck beginning to feel the rats bites adding up takes a step back and a more defensive stance swinging his hammer at a rat missing badly as his wounds and a more defensive focus limit him. "Filthy Rats probably diseased. I'll need a bath after this! Could use some help here!"

[sblock] Tsaaruck takes a 5' step back to G17 and fighting defensively -4 to hit and +2 AC. attack R10=4 [/sblock]

[sblock=mini stats]
HP: 4/15 – 4 damage from rat, -3 from rat, -4 from rat
AC: 16 (+2 fight defensively) 14 (Touch: 11, Flat: 13) with shield
AC:13(Touch: 11, Flat: 12) without shield
Init: +1
CMB: +5 / CMD: 16
Fort: +5 / Ref: +1 / Will: +1
Speed: 40 ft.
In Hand: War Hammer: Attack: +1 (-4 from fight defensively)+5 = [BAB (1) + STR (4) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
Damage: 1d8+4, Crit: 20/x3, Type B
Rage remaining: 6/6 [/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=OOC for party] Tsaaruck needs some space to drink his CLW potion and then he can go back on the offensive. Rat with 20 HP - who knew. If we regroup we may still pull this off.[/sblock]

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