[LPF] The Devil We Know

Deuce Traveler

"Our more persuasive types should enter the front door and ask questions. They should bring a few toughs with them. I and some more of the sneaker types should observe the back exit in case the roaches flush," Lem suggests.

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"I don't have a way with words" she sighs and looks at the others as she follows Nefti. "Anyone else feels confident enough to ask questions over there? We could enter in two different groups in case something happens to avoid suspicion" she frowns hoping things don't go sour in such a place.


"I'm not really a people-person..." Lydia says, with a mild shrug. "I think I'll go with... Lem, right?... Lem, see if there's a back way out or anything like that."

[sblock=Stats]Full Stats

HP: 12/12
AC: 16 (Touch: 14, Flat: 13)
Init: +3 (+5 in forest)
CMB: +1 / CMD: 14
Fort: +4 / Ref: +5 / Will: +1
Speed: 30 ft.
In Hand: n/a


First Post
When the half-orc pats his shoulder, Amien looks over himself and up and grins. He states in response to the philosophy of battle, "I too, enjoy the gift of battle, but not when it jumps out of my birthday cake."

He looks back to the others, not completely reassured, but is forced to accept the reality of the situation for now. "I think I could try to talk, but it'll be a long shot. I suppose being me, I am bringing my own 'tough' with myself. Say me and someone else gets in, what will you need me to do or find out?"


First Post
When the half-orc pats his shoulder, Amien looks over himself and up and grins. He states in response to the philosophy of battle, "I too, enjoy the gift of battle, but not when it jumps out of my birthday cake."

Tsaaruck stares at Amien then shakes his head. "Birthday cake. Never thought of it that way."

He hefts his hammer with a grin and holding the hammer in the air replies seemingly to the hammer "Persuasive. Want me to be persuasive inside or outside? Not sure how good they will talk though."


"I'll go in the front door" Menik decides. "I have a spell that might loosen a man's tongue, but I can only cast it once today, and it isn't always reliable. It might come in handy, though."

He looks over the rest of the group, especially those who are new to him, wondering if there any 'loose catapults' among them.

[sblock=mini stat block]

AC 13 (touch 13, ff 10)
hp 17/17
Init +3, CMB +2, CMD 15, Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +3; Perception +5

att longsword +2 (1d8+1, 19/x2) or dagger +2 (1d4+1, 19/x2)
or longbow +4 ranged (1d8, 20/x3)

force missile (Sp): (1d4+1, as magic missile, 7/day, 0 used)

Arcane bond: ring; cast any spell in spellbook 1/day except Abj or Div

spells prepared:
Level 0: daze (Will neg DC 14), ghost sound (Will DC 14), prestidigitation, disrupt undead (30', +4 RTA, 1d6)

Level 1: color spray (Will neg DC 15), mage armor, magic missile (1d4+2,1d4+1),
ear-piercing scream& (3d6+1, daze 1 round, Fort DC 16 half + no daze)

Level 2: mirror image (1d4+1, 3 min),
flaming sphere&~ (3d6+1, Reflex neg DC 18, 130' range, 3 rounds),
blindness/deafness (Fort neg DC 16)

Gear: 4 days' rations, potion of CLW (1d8+1), 40 arrows, club, periscope, pearl of power (1st level)


"Good, do what you can Menik. We will have your back" Galandra nods at the wizard. "We should then make haste and see what we can learn from them. I'm sure your magic might be of help one way or another."

"what can you tell me of that Inn, Nefti? Should we expect trouble if we start asking questions?"


AC: 18 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 16)
HP: 32/32

Initiative: +2
Perception: +8/+10 vs Humans, Sense Motive: +2/+4 vs Humans,
CMB: +6 CMD: 18 Fort: +5 Reflex: +6 Will: +4

Masterwork Falchion +7 [2d4+4] 18-20
Dagger +6 [1d4+3] 19-20
Masterwork Comp Longbow STR3: +6 [1d8+3] x3 (110ft)

Effects: Killer
Combat Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Cleave

Conditions: None

In Hand: Masterwork Composite Longbow STR3


Efficient Quiver
  • -Blunt Arrows (20)
  • -Arrows (30)
  • -Masterwork Arrows (10)
  • -Javelins (10)
  • -Spears (3)


  • 4 days rations, Wand CLW (7 charges), Oil (2)



Leaving the Dunn Wright Inn, you follow Nefti as he leads down the road that heads toward the Docks District. You leave the more commercial parts of the city and things begin appearing a big more slum-like and seedy. After a about fifteen minutes you have descended closer to the water's edge of the harbor.


Nefti answers, "I have no idea what you should expect. I have never been there. But there it is." He points down the street.

Perched precariously overhanging the dirty harbor water stands the Inn of the Unlucky Sailor. A fresh coat of white paint glistens on half the inn’s outside walls, and most of the windows are boarded up. The roof leans slightly toward the harbor, as if at any moment the entire thing could come off and slide into the ocean. The dock leading up to the inn is made of rotting wood connected to thick, rank-smelling pilings. The street entrance appears to be boarded up. Several small rowboats are currently tied up along its length.

"I think I will wait right here."

[sblock=Combat Information]

Updated Map:
Right now you are off the map, closest point to approach is where it says, "Start"

Frederick: 09/09 HP remaining; 
Galandra:  32/32 HP remaining;
Lem:       20/20 HP remaining;
Menik:     17/17 HP remaining; 
Amien:     28/28 HP remaining; 
Lydia:     12/12 HP remaining;
Tsaaruk:   15/15 HP remaining;

Spells Cast: 
Abilities Used: 
Conditions in effect:
GM: You all can keep role-playing as much as you want. I figured you might want some more information to work with though.

When you do move onto the map, please provide grid coordinates. Each Square is 5ft, you are off the map to the left by several feet.

Deuce Traveler

Lem moves to T28, from 'Start'. "Seems like that narrow dock walkway may lead to the rear of the establishment. I've half a mind to mosey down that way and have me a look."


First Post

OOC: Sorry for my delay, i have had a horrible few days.

"Frederick, no affiliations," the stoic human says. His feet bare and dirtied from travel, his clothing not much better. "I am greatful for the opportunity to help those who are in danger."

AC: 15 (Touch 15, Flatfooted 13)
HP: 9/9

Initiative: +2
Perception: +4, Sense motive: +3,
CMB: +1 CMD: 16 Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +5

Unarmed +1 [1d6+1] 20

Combat Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Panther Style, Combat Reflexes

Conditions: None

In Hand: Nothing

Gear: Back Pack, Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2, Trail Rations x5, Sling[/sblock]

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