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Macgyver: Oopsies and spoilers

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Well, If I were to start from the beginning, I would find more, but i found a couple of oopsies in an epside. Since I did not see another thread for MacG, I will start this one:

Season 1 Episode 8: "Corkscrew"

I am an electrician and I saw 2 mistakes. One is that the art gallery where he pulls wire out of the wall, there are two things wrong with that.

One: Wire must be secured with in 8 inches of a box and the wire can't have been that long and loose in the wall.

Two: Romex would not have been used, but rather, at worst, flex conduit AKA MC lite. That being a commercial building would require it.

The second scene was when he was locked in the room at the foundation. whenhe pulled wires out of the room's socket.
A, that gfci/afci would have had power in what is considered High voltage at 110-125 volts ac,the key pad was low voltage 90 volts or less. You can not put the two in that close proximity in the wall. once again,the wire should have been in some sort of conduit but would most likely be in intermediate thickness for security sake.

The box itself for the outlet would have been solidly attached to the stud, most likely steel as it is a commercial building, once again, and held with sheet metal screws. not easily removed at all.

So, any one else catch a Mac-oopsy?

edit: A third one: The cb from the truck is run off of the truck's voltage 24 volts or 12 volts -either way it is DC - The box he got power from was AC, probably 240volts. That would have
A] fried the cb immediately due to the voltage being so high-given that it was a junkyard, it could have been 480-3 phase even


B] not worked as it was ac power to a dc device with no converter.
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41st lv DM
I've just always assumed that TV shows/movies occur in a world that's only similar to our own.
So building ordnances, laws of physics, etc might differ.... :)


A suffusion of yellow
I'm not meaning to be rude, but this is the very first time I've come across an Electricity Geek. It really amuses me that you took the time to critique Macgyver based on its misuse of plastic sheath cable, that level of dedication to the building code is mindblowing.

Obviously the electricians in Macgyvers city aren't quite as concientious

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
I am Uber-Electrician Man! I have been shocked so many times[grabbed or touched the wrong wire] that Now, when a person calls about something not working, I just touch it and the extra electrons coursing through my body slip into the broke thing and it works again!!

I actually have said that to many amazed customers



First Rule of Enjoying Tv/Movies:

Never Question The Assumptions They've Made

(Because once you start, you'll end up finding more and more things that bug you until you can no longer enjoy it...)

I only watched the opener of the first episode and I can tell you that the way he beat the palm scanner with dust was ludicrous, you can't block bullets with a cheap drink tray, you can't knock someone out by throwing a cheap drink tray like a frisbee, high quality digital headsets aren't fooled by a simple electromagnet, and boats don't explode like that when they crash.

All that stuff happened before the opening credits. That being said, I'll be watching a few more episodes soon. I would enjoy more realism in MacGuyver, but it's not a requirement.
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A suffusion of yellow
I only watched the opener of the first episode and I can tell you that the way he beat the palm scanner with dust was ludicrous, you can't block bullets with a cheap drink tray, you can't knock someone out by throwing a cheap drink tray like a frisbee

obviously the cheap drink tray carried the weight of Narrative Cool


First Post
Now don't get me started on the misuse of Kevlar! :D
My favorite is in Terminator 2 when they throw some Kevlar vests on top of the kid while he is curled up in the back fo the truck and he is sprayed repeatedly with submachine gun fire and not only is every bullet stopped without any of the Kevlar even budging but he is completely unharmed by the impact. Oh, but they had the plates in, you say. Okay, whatever makes you feel better.

Now, a liquid metal time travelling robot, that I could buy.

I think I'll have to start watching MacGyver. Maybe the old series where he foils a robbery in a grocery store by making tear gas grenades out of balloons and common household cleaning agents, or the time he created a metal cutting torch with filings from a bike frame.

Any program that can teach a kid how to make a workable zip gun is okay in my book. Now if I could just learn how to drive like the Duke boys, my 80s education would be complete.
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As a spy for HM Government, I find the 007 movies with Daniel Craig totally unwatchable. The old ones with Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were much closer to what the life is actually like.


First Post
As a 30th generation ninja, I have to wince whenever I watch Bruce Lee films. He obviously knows nothing at all about the super secret lost martial arts techniques of ancient Korea, as evidenced by the fact that he clearly cannot turn invisible, throw fireballs or raise himself from the dead with breath control like Jesus. The only accurate depiction I've seen in media ever would be The Master starring Lee Van Cleef which is clearly the inspiration for the excellent and historically accurate Steven Seagal films.

Sorry, I'll stop derailing now. :)

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