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Saw this last night to a reasonably packed cheap night. I found it fun. A little mid, but certainly not worth panning. If anything, it and The Marvels both suffer from being caught in the superhero backlash and being led by a female cast.

And if they'd pitched this more as a slasher movie than a superhero movie I think it'd be doing better.

The main problem was the atrocious ADR on Ezekiel. It took me out every time he spoke.

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A suffusion of yellow
Yes, but she is also an EMT by trade because she wants to save people. She might just be killing somebody as they now have to wait longer to get to the hospital with this decision to take the ambulance. They could have had Web have a brief clairvoyance moment where the person the EMTs are there to help turns out to be ok so taking the ambulance won't kill somebody. I understand that kind of thing drives up run time but it would make more sense. Though, if you just have her drive a stolen taxi for multiple days then its already who cares level. 🤷‍♂️
I assumed the ambulance was there to collect Bens sister - who Cassndra knew was already in transit.

I ended up liking the movie even if it was a bit slow and predictable. It was way better than Morbius and worked as a slasher-thriller.
Now here is the part no one focuses on, it quickly becomes clear between the woods scene and the Diner scene that the all three Spiderbabes are bisexual, its not right in your face blatant, but its pretty obvious to me. Anya calls Julia cute in the woods, Maddie later on, makes Julia dress sexier and then pulls her onto her lap to flirt with a bunch of guys, and then Maddie gets the other two to dance sexy with her on the table while horny guys watch them, which is why making the characters minors was really, really bad idea.
Dude thats a very specific focus and I think youre ready far too much in to it. Three teenage girls being provocative and irresponsible doesnt make them bisexual, even if the depiction in the movie was gratuitous
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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Dude thats a very specific focus and I think youre ready far too much in to it. Three teenage girls being provocative and irresponsible doesnt make them bisexual, even if the depiction in the movie was gratuitous
Yeah I wasnt going to touch that one with a ten foot pole.

Argyle King

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

I agree that the previews killed the movie. Going into it, I had no idea what to expect from the movie. Previews made it seem as though it was going to be more like a cheesy horror/slasher movie.

I also feel that the marketing for the movie was confusing. Most of the general audience is familiar with Spiderman (and maybe even Venom at this point). So, previews and marketing that show what appears to be a knock-off evil Spiderman who isn't Spiderman and also isn't Venom did not help attract viewers. I would go so far as to say that it probably harmed viewership.

As for the movie itself, I generally liked it. I wouldn't say it was "great," but it was a solid origin story that would have been a good lead in to either a second movie or perhaps a limited 1-season streaming series to flesh out the characters a little and then wrapping up with a second movie.

As the OP said, it's a little strange to harp on the girls being 15-ish and then be somewhat risqué with sexualizing them. There's a shot as their going up stairs to leave the subway that seems to intentionally tease being able to see under the one girl's skirt. In real life, I know that Sidney Sweeney is mid-20s, but (in the movie) she's portrayed as a younger girl in the movie. So, it's a little strange.

Still, it's an enjoyable movie. I enjoyed it more than Marvels, the first Wonder Woman, and some of the recent MCU stuff.

I think there are positives to the movie that could have been built upon.

Unfortunately, the marketing and previews were a convoluted mess. I'm not sure who the target audience was supposed to be by advertising it as though it was a Spiderman-version of Scream with chics and then shooting it in a way that dangles jailbait for the horny young boys who didn't see it because you didn't market to them.


Did the writers do God's of Egypt? I kinda liked that movie in a it's so bad its good type of way.

Wouldn't call it great so there's that.

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