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Maybe they altered Secret Invasion after the scheduling change, but nothing in it seems like it would follow on from The Marvels.

I admit that I didn't get through Secret Invasion, but I have some clues as to what happens in that series. What happens in The Marvels would fit perfectly well before SI. There's some questions that'd be raised in the other order, but given who actually picks up the refugees, maybe it is a non-issue.

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Before I read anyone else's opinions I want to say at least two things about this film were perfect: 1) the training montage where they were jumping rope; and 2) the fact that I was the only person in the movie theatre. Not a big surprise for a 1:15 showing on a non-holiday Friday but given that this was my first time at the theatre since the pandemic began it was great . There were other good things about the movie. I enjoyed it.

But dear God did it feel like it fell apart in the last 1/3 to 1/4. Like, it really felt like they had all the materials to make a perfectly good Marvel flick and then just flubbed the landing. Iman was great, Brie and Teyonah were good, I thought the Zawe Ashton had good presence - but some of the material was not doing them any favours.

I am still glad I saw it in theatre because screw everyone trying to sink because of their dumb politics.

Wow, HISHE really hated this movie. Compared to the HISHE of Captain Marvel (the first one), in which they mostly celebrated Carol Danvers and made fun of everyone else including Superman and Batman, the HISHE of The Marvels does a complete 180, even where it's not necessarily justified. E.g. by all accounts it's less misandrist than the first one, but HISHE spends more time noticing the politics.

I guess it goes to show how much prestige Marvel has lost in the meantime.

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