Spoilers The Marvels (Spoilers)

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The Bad
  • It doesn't integrate well with Secret Invasion. The Nick Fury we saw in SI doesn't seem to be the same Fury we get in this movie, and a LOT happened to Fury in SI. Further, the idea that Asgard is taking on more skrull refugees, at a time when Earth has declared total war on them....without even a mention of that....is a problem. I honestly think it was due to all the scheduling changes and reshoots for both productions that it got lost in the shuffle.

Yeah it definitely a timing issue The Marvels Movie only came out in the cinema in in November last year, Secret Invasion was June 2023. But the Marvels was original schedules for July 2022. So imagine a lot of the script was finalised before Secret Invasion's.

Still I'm not sure Asgard would necessarily take the same outlook towards the Skrulls as the rest of Earth, being refugees themselves.

Wolfram stout

Also watched this weekend. It was fun and enjoyable. My only compliant was that it seemed like it was 3 different things: The Power-flipping issue, the Flarkin issue, and then the Kree issue, and that the three didn't integrate super well. They did somewhat, but to me it was a bit thin. Maybe it just needed another 10 minutes here and there to strengthen the connections.

But overall we liked it, and I would look forward to any other shows/movies with any of the 3 Marvels.


Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️
My wife and I watched it last night (we're still not going to movies like we used to so we didn't go see it in the theaters) and we enjoyed it. There was something about it, however, that was different from most other MCU output. I don't think the direction had as much polish with the superhero action as Favreau or the Russo brothers (though, honestly, they left some pretty high bars). And I thought Zawe Ashton was kind of stiff as Dar-Benn. But the interplay between our primary heroes was really good and covered a lot of tonal shifts in emotion.

Overall, I thought it better than Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and maybe even Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The critical response was fine. So what, exactly, torpedoed it in the theaters, I'm not sure I fully understand. I don't think it's just backlash against Brie Larson because there was plenty of that in the run up to Captain Marvel and it still killed at the box office. I think superhero movies are underperforming in general due to uncertainty in their future stories (DC's meltdown and Jonathan Majors' legal implosion) and market saturation, but it's still an unusually weird drop off that I don't think antifeminist backlash can fully explain.

Marc Radle

Kind of a side question / comment … I also don’t understand what the backlash is over Brie Larson or why some people seem to have an issue with her.

She’s an excellent actress and she does a great job playing Captain Marvel in my opinion. Is there some concrete thing that she did or that happened to cause this ‘backlash’ or is it more of the general internet negativity just aimed at her?

That’s a legitimate question, I’m actually interested in what (if any) actual reason is behind it.

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