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MAD Magazine #10 has an article about "The Dopiest Demons in Dungeons & Dragons", and there's a preview on D&D Beyond. "These demons are, of course, not actually in Dungeons & Dragons, because MAD Magazine is not the most reliable of news sources. Instead, demons simply would be the dopiest if some player were foolish enough to will them into existence."


More at the link.

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Mad Magazine is an innocent Walt Disney cartoon compared with Spanish satire magazine "El Jueves". This isn't acid humor, but toxic propaganda. Any covers couldn't be showed in American press kiosks.

* You should worry seriously if Mad Magazine published an article about D&D alignment.

* What is the next, "my little pony" main characters as D&D centauresses PCs?

* It could be worse. D&D creatures as pokemons.

* Weredonkeys and werehares were canon in AD&D, weren't they?

* I would be funny a crossover between Spelljammer, Star Wars and Star Treck in MAD magazine, with our superperfect heroine Mary Sue as main character saving the day.

Aaron L

OK, now I have to pick up a copy of this issue. The "Tchotchke" got me snickering. That's gotta be from someone who remembers oldschool Demon naming conventions.


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Quoting myself from elsewhen...
I'm reminded of when we cavorted with Bearillas, Flamingorillas, Scorpigeons, Bullemurs, Penguingolans, Joy Behir and Justin Bieberlith, among others...

Alas, that thread has been 404ed. Damn shame, too, because ENWorlder weem did some cute visual realizations of some of them.

Edit: found it, but a lot of the images are no longer visible due to broken links and Photobucket’s new limits on free image hosting. The Bieberlith is still visible on p19, though.

le sigh

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