Marvel Multiverse RPG Brought Forward & New X-Men Expansion

Marvel has announced that the Marvel Multiverse roleplaying game will be released in August--and that an X-Men sourcebook will come out in 2024.


The core rulebook is already available for pre-order, and will be on sale on August 2nd. It has been revamped based on the playtest feedback from the playtest rulebook released ast year. "After receiving thousands of fan responses, the core rulebook now features the new and revamped rules that make for a fun, fast, and dynamic game — including quick character creation, bombastic combat, and hundreds of amazing powers — plus full profiles of dozens of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains. All that's needed is the book, three standard six-sided dice, and friends!"

This will be followed by Cataclysm of Kang, a collection of six adventures coming later this year. "This book includes new character profiles and features a series of six interlocked adventures. Fans can play through with a new team or character each time, or form a campaign that takes players from street-level heroes to cosmic champions! Both the core rulebook and adventure book are written by award-winning and New York Times best-selling author Matt Forbeck."

Finally, X-Men Expansion will launch in 2024, and will feature the X-Men, their allies and foes, and details of X-Men locations. "This is the first full-sized sourcebook for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, and features the most uncanny Super Heroes of all: the X-Men and all their various spin-off teams, greatest allies and most fearsome foes. The X-Men Expansion is jammed full of vital information about Marvel’s most popular mutants, including dozens of new profiles for characters from X-Force, the New Mutants and Marauders. It also includes full-color maps of famous X-Men locations, including the Xavier Institute, Krakoa and Arakko, plus plenty of thrilling twists and turns for an entire campaign. Answer the call and join the X-Men! The creative team for this book will be announced soon."

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B/X Known World
Marvel SAGA was one of my favorite super hero games. I wish I still had it but the box was absolutely terrible and at some point it disintegrated and I lost enough cards I had to dump the rest. I may have the rule book in a box somewhere, tho...
Same thing happened to mine. Though I think I still have the remnants of the box in a box somewhere. All smooshed and tore up.


I prefer Cortex to either of those, but FASERIP is superior to M&M in my mind. Too much fiddly math and awkward character builds.
M&M 2E became my Champions group's preferred game: 90% of the versatility with 50% of the math. I do sometime long for the sublime granularity of Hero system combat, but who has time for that? If I could fine a really good VTT implementation tho...

Weird, it's almost like Marvel is tying their RPG releases to their movie releases and their biggest hit comic books at the moment. What a strange and radical idea.
I mean, I don't think we're going to see an X-Men movie or TV series (except the non-MCU X-Men '97 cartoon continuation) in 2024. Unless you know something most people don't...

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