Matt Colville weighs in.

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Worse for you. Not for me.

Just because something is not for you doesn’t make it worse.

Do I get a vtt with my Paizo sub? No? Then it is if no value to me.

What matters is that it is valuable for enough people to be a sustainable product. We've seen, for example, live services in video games that just couldn't sustain a subscription base at the prices they were charging.


Oh wow. That's sad, really. In a video uploaded just two days ago, Jim Murphy (who from what I understand was Matt's DM in their social circle a long time ago) was talking about how Matt is the person who loves D&D the most. To go from there to "I'm not paid to care about that anymore" is... well, understandable, but quite tragic.

I think we have seen a lot of different aspects or facets of the fandom this past few weeks.

People dont really grasp that for some its a game, for some its a hobby, for some its a life style, and for some, its quite factually part of their identity and self image that is as important, or more so, than any other single part of their person.

In that respect, yeah, some people are going to see this very very differently in terms of an 'attack' by Wizbro.

Being betrayed at such a level, regardless of if we feel that same sense, is going to leave a mark.


Getting lost in fantasy maps
He's done. He's out. D&D is "the boomer game" and WotC is "that Seattle company".
To be fair, Matt has referred to D&D as “the boomer game” on and off for a bit now in streams when he points out how the game adheres to designs set in place back in the early 70s evolved from wargaming. And I’ve heard him call it “the Seattle company“ for a few years at least. WotC buying the company he worked at and loved, then WotC promptly laying them off, seems to have left a bitter scar at WotC management ever since.

Matt has said he is one employee of MCDM, I think “chief writer and designer” or something like that, so in my opinion the response “I’m not paid to care about that anymore” I believe was referring to his extreme excitement as the progress made in designing the MCDM RPG. That is he is literally ”paid” to care about … not 5E, 😉.

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