Level Up (A5E) Meet Zidi Wheatling, ‘The Halfling Titan’

The Level Up Starter Box launched on Kickstarter last week. We’ve already met at T’lingbet, the dragonborn ranger, Akanni, the human adept, Diamond, the planetouched cleric, Gywven the dwarf rogue, and Mara, the halfling sorcerer.

While that concludes the characters in the starter box, we have announced a bunch more characters as stretch goals. These will be available as free downloads in PDF format. Here’s the first, Zidi Wheatling, the halfling fighter.


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Does she have 4 or 5 maneuvers?

Her background sounds intriguing. Why was she working for the gremlins? Why was she in the Fey lands? Where is Kyla now?

As others pointed out, her idea started way back in 2002 as a "fantasy superhero" concept - The Halfling Titan. The art we had of her showed her throwing a wagon at a 20-ft tall goblin.

Later I decided to name drop her in ZEITGEIST as a former queen renowned for wrestling giant foes.

And when Level Up was being designed, I wanted to write her up as a test of how wild you could get at character creation.

I actually had to invent the fey servant background and write an article on fey characters for the Gate Pass Gazette to make sure there were options that fit Zidi the way I wanted.

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