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So, I've been running a monk character in a pen-and-paper 3.5 edition game. She's all of third level and has managed to get herself unknowingly infected with lycanthropy.

The SRD says a monk who loses Lawful alignment can never gain monk levels, however where her alignment changes only for the period of her werewolf state, would this still apply as it's not a willing nor permanent change?

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Hi, Merle,

I've moved this because the "Rules and Ruling References" section is just for ISRP rules, not gaming system rules. ISRP is freeform, not just for DnD. As far as we're concerned, you can have a totally chaotic monk and it's all good.

But if I were your GM in a 3.5e campaign, I'd split the difference. While she's in werewolf form (or undergoing the transformation), any abilities based on being a monk can only come from the levels before the lycanthropy.

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