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D&D 5E Most unique, fun multiclass (2 classes)


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Hi there. I’m Dannyalcatraz, and I’m a multiclassing junkie.😁 The majority of my PCs going back to AD&D have been muliclassed or dual-classed, so I’ve come up with some different ones over the years. Not all of them have gotten played.

Some of the more memorable ones:

1) a PC based on being a houngan. He was a mix of Necromancer & the OA Shaman.

2) a Marshal/Duskblade/Battle Sorcerer (w/Stalwart Sorcerer ACF). He was essentially an “Arcane Paladin”. Key mechanics included the Marshal Auras and the Knowledge Domain feat as a substitute for Paladin’s Smite. With all the relevant KS maxed out, that was actually more flexible than the original.

3) a Clc of Nature, (Plant & Earth Domains)/Sorcerer/Geomancer. Inspired by 1990s era Swamp Thing lore, this PC’s Geomancer Drift levels were all from the plant options list. Key mechanics revolved around the original Sacred Healing feat* which let you do an AoE healing effect by burning a Turn Undead (only, no other Turns worked), paired with Extra Turning. Despite not having the levels to turn many creatures, this feat combo allowed the character keep the party & NPCs going through RttToEE with only a few healing spells ever being cast. Practiced Spellcsster was also important. Brew Potions had him producing edible healing tubers from his flesh, and he had gaining an Earth Elemental familiar on his Feat wish list.

4) a Starpact Warlock/Psionic whose Dwarven clan was devoted to hunting and destroying Aberrations.

5) a Dragonborn Hybrid Paladin/Cosmic Sorcerer based on the Islamic scholar from The Thirteenth Warrior.

6) a Warfogrd Battlmind/Infernal Pact Warlock designed as a mix of Hellboy and a sentient LeMarchand Box from Hellraiser.

Tangent: my last 3.5Ed PC was technically a single classed Hengeyokai fighter, but between the use of templates (2-headed cryo) and Fey heritage feats that gave spell-like abilities, he had a very F/Mu type feel.

* FWIW, I contacted WotC: the later feat with the same name was NOT intended to replace this feat. Someone simply didn’t check the name agains already published material.
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I've had great fun with paladin (devotion)/warlock(hexblade). Protection combat style, Sentinel, Martial Adept (Commander's Strike, Maneuvering Strike) and Hellish Rebuke. No matter what the enemy does or who they try to attack, it's the wrong choice and they'll pay for it.


This might sound a little basic, but I kind of want to run a barbarian/rogue dual wielding shortswords. With the changes to two weapon fighting removing the bonus action to make the offhand attack, this is looking like it might be even better in the future.


Real character I ran from 1 to 20:

A Glasya Teifling Religious Archer / Hunter. She believed that Asmodeus was doing everything he could to win the Blood War and that the Ends Justified the Means. She essentially evolved into a Religious Assassin.

Gloomstalker 5
Cleric of Order 1
Divine Soul Sorcerer 5
Battlemaster 4
Assassin 3
Divine Soul 6 and 7.

Her background had her escaping from a Drow Settlement where she was a servant and protector to a diplomat that was murdered. After she developed to 5th level, she took on the Cleric of Order level because she'd become awfully preachy - and it was fun for her to use Healing Words to instruct her allies to attack. However, the Favored Soul sorcerer was a better implementation of her concept so we switched to that after one level. At level 3 of Favored Soul she was able to use metamagic to quicken spells, so she usually did that while also attacking with her bow. She stayed away from 'attack spells' usually and focused on buffs or healing. At level 5 Divine Soul, she started to begin most battles with a Haste Spell (for better or worse). After that she added Battlemaster and Assassin levels as she'd developed into more of a religious assassin. The return to Divine Soul for those last 2 levels was not very character driven - it just seemed like the way to open up the most interesting options for those final levels. She was an effective Sharpshooting archer with a wide array of fun abilities that she could use on a bonus action. One of my favorite PCs.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
What is the most unique entertaining multiclass you have played or pondered?

I have been reading Tasha’s and thinking about how rarely some of these are probably played!

There are 1000s of combos. I may well play a rune knight/genie warlock. I was also interested in a rune knight/battle smith!

Or perhaps a wildfire Druid and an Oath of the watchers Paladin….

I am not interested in super optimized but that is ok too. Just would like to hear about weird pairings that perhaps have been fun!

I played a war cleric/celestial warlock. His divine source was the 7 heavens and his patron a fallen but good angel trying to find redemption in guiding a mercenary fighter who was trying to be redeemed!

Hit us with some cool ideas! Bonus points if two classes and incorporates some lesser played subclasses!
Im partial to a Moon Druid/Kensei Monk. That’s a fast bear with notably higher AC than a normal bear lol

Also fond of Swashbuckler Rogue/Fey Chain Pact Warlock. Booming Blade, Warcaster, Armor of Shadows, good to go. (/Hexblade is obviously more powerful here, but less fun)


Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
Im partial to a Moon Druid/Kensei Monk. That’s a fast bear with notably higher AC than a normal bear lol

Also fond of Swashbuckler Rogue/Fey Chain Pact Warlock. Booming Blade, Warcaster, Armor of Shadows, good to go. (/Hexblade is obviously more powerful here, but less fun)
Powerful enough is good enough. I like “different” and fun.


Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
Agreed. I’d much rather have “good at all pillars” than “maximally powerful at one, who cares about the others?”

The 5e is built, it’s not easy to build a character who isn’t good enough.
Honestly the only time I ask someone to think it through is if they want to play a wizard and have never played. Then we coach them about staying alive and let them run.

Otherwise if you pick literally any subclass you can have fun.


My 1st 5E character was wood elf rogue(assassin) with 1 level of fighter and Outlander background.

I wanted to play a ranger but when I read PHB, I have decided that ranger sucks and that this will be my variant of a ranger :D

One other multiclass I had was a skill monkey:
Rogue4(scout)/Cleric1(knowledge)/Bard4(lore). Feats skilled expert×2(house ruled that it can be taken twice)
All 18 skills, 10 expertise.

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