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Our group is not going to be playtesting 5Ed, but I thought I'd share my wish list for the 5Ed cleric, culled from 2Ed, 3Ed, 3.5Ed, and 4Ed:

  1. Clerics abilities- weapon selection, armor proficiency, etc.- customized top to bottom to their particular deity. (2Ed)
  2. Major/Minor access to spells (assuming Vancian casting). For those unfamiliar, that means your access to spells was limited by your Domains (then called Spheres)- Major access meant you could learn spells of that kind of any level; minor access capped it at 3rd level. (2Ed)
  3. Domain powers. (3Ed, 3.5Ed)
  4. Customizable channelling of divine energy. (3Ed, 3.5Ed, 4Ed)
  5. Ritual Magic. (4Ed)

Yeah, it all makes for a complex class, but it also means you get a lot of flavor and flexibility.

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Greg K

Myself, if they use Vancian, I want something similar. Where I differ
1. I want Spontaneous Divine Casting per Unearthed Arcana
2. Your deity's domain spells would be your "Major" spells
3. Instead of minor spells, I would go through and find spells that make sense for all clerics. For my 3e campaign, I chose the following spells based upon communication with the deity, giving the blessing of their deity, punishing/excommunicating transgressors, removing the punishment, channeling the authority of their deity, and summoning a powerful representative of the deity to aid the cause.

Bane, Bless, Command, Divine Favor
2 Augury, Enthrall
3 Bestow Curse, Prayer, Remove Curse
4 Divination, Lesser Planar Ally*, Imbue w/spell ability
5 Atonement, Break Enchantment, Commune, Mark of Justice, Greater Command
6 Geas/Quest, Planar Ally*
7 Greater Bestow Curse (Complete Divine)
8 Greater Planar Ally*
9 Miracle**

* In my campaign, these are a predefined creature associated with the deity
** The miracle is tied to the domains of the deity

4. I would give them the Paladin's Divine Grace
5. I want a requirement that all clerics must worship a deity

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