D&D 5E Mystic Swordsman (Theory Crafting)


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I find myself dipping my toes into 5e once again. Back in 3.5 I had a lot of fun playing an unarmored Duskblade/Monk. I realize that isn't a class in 5e, but I was wondering if you could help me build something with a similar feel to it. Since this isn't for a specific campaign I'm going to assume using Point Buy or Standard Array for stats.

Thus far I've found that Bladelock/Barbarian might be the closest. Barbarian giving me Con to AC, and likely being my 1st level so I can leave my Str lower. I realize this still requires decent scores in Dex, Con, and Cha. I am, of course, open to better options, if there are.

I am still fairly new to 5e, so I'd appreciate translations for abbreviations.

Thank you in advance.

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