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5E Mythic Tiamat

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That seems pretty epic. To many knobs and dials to comment on balance, but hey, this is Tiamat, balance isn't the goal. :p
It is basically Tiamat from Rise of Tiamat with the Mythic template applied. I gave her more spells and legendary spell casting, and a few other bits and bobs, but that should really change her CR much if any. Some point when I get more time at make it a bit better.


Now that's a challenge! I like the Dragonlance idea:

Raistlin’s lips twisted. “Remember the stars, Tanis,” he murmured. “The Queen of Darkness has returned. Recall the words of the Canticle: ‘swarm of her shrieking hosts.’ Her hosts were dragons, according to the ancient ones. She has returned and her hosts have come with her.”

I'd make her mythic rebirth summon a dragon of each colour 😈


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Why not?

Actually, i think the mythic template could be applied to a lot of monsters. I just did this quickly without much thought. But I actually love it as method to make stronger monsters without raising CR. Color me happy.
Sorry, but this book is a let down for me. It pretty much just cements my reasons for leaving 5E if this is the direction WotC is taking it. We've had some good discussions so I am glad you like it, but it puts me one step closer...

For me, I don't want superheroes and gods slugging it out. I know a lot of players like the over-the-top style of play, but it isn't my cup of tea. So, not that there is anything wrong at all with what you're doing, but if I had a character in a party that actually had a chance to defeat your Tiamat, I'd be so bored and disappointed in the game.


On the one hand, I can't think of any party that could beat this Tiamat unless she throws the fight. On the other hand, this is Tiamat. It's not unreasonable to need a macguffin to beat her.



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Will have to figure out how to incoporate this Mythic Tiamat into the game without it being a walkover.

Every round a 320 AOE spike seems a bit off. I get how epic it feels, but half of the point of legendary actions is to boost outgoing damage/threat without it being focused all at once, so PCs can respond to the hazard.

I guess a d10 HD character with 16 con has 160ish base HP. Add a heros feast for 11, aid for 20, 10 temporary HP, a death ward and potions of every elemental damage resistance, and they can survive a round of that spike damage. Then you just put her down before she does it twice?

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