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WOIN N.E.W. Psionics boost question



I have come across a question that I BELIEVE I know the answer to, but I would like to ask here. When cast spells with a boost value, such as Pyrokinetic blast, which does 1d6 per 2 PP spent, does that count the minimum PP of 6 (as it requires 6 PP as a minimum)? So a 6 PP Pyrokinetic blast would do 3d6? The same question can also be said of Pyrokinetic burst, which has a minimum of 12 PP, and if increasing the power increases BOTH the range and damage (so at 12 PP it'd be 15' and 2d6 damage).

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Yea, you use the number you actually spent.
Thank you very much! I do have one additional question I've come across, which is when looking at the premades in NOW, they have PP as if they rolled 5 on every dice for their WIL and PSI roll. Am I readying how you generate PP wrong? Also, do you only regenerate a WIL check worth of PP per day?
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