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I am of the same mind. Lynch's version has great art direction, great miniature effects, a stellar cast and a great score. It also nails the mood of Dune. But it fails as an adaption of Dune, and the choice to make the audience hear the thoughts of the main character does not work. Plus there were some awfully dumb changes that were made.

Villeneuve on the other hand, is extremely dedicated to making his adaption as close to the source material as possible, and he takes his time. He lingers long enough on the fantastic locations and vehicles for you to appreciate them. Paul Atreides still has plenty of visions and dreams, but Villeneuve handles that perfectly. He also takes enough time to explain details about the setting, so that none-book readers can follow along as well, without it ever feeling like straight up exposition.

I was especially impressed by how Villeneuve handled the personal shields. Without over explaining them, he simply shows you how they work on people, vehicles and buildings. He assumes the viewer is smart enough to understand what is being shown to them. For those not in the know: in the Dune universe, everything can and is protected by forcefields that stop objects above a certain speed. This means high velocity projectile weapons, such as guns, are useless. But slower weapons, such as swords, knives and poison darts, can pierce these shields. And we do get to see these shields being used consistently to protect all three of these things. Villeneuve understands Dune, and understands how important it is to get these details right.

There also is a much bigger role for Jessica, who plays a key role in the books, and is a bad ass. Her role is not diminished in Villeneuve's movie.

I've already praised the design of the ornithopters, but they look so convincing and cool in this film. I also love the designs of the Harvesters, which much closer resemble what I imagined them to be than whatever we got in Lynch's film. They are huge loud lumbering factories on huge tank tracks (as they should be) and they look great.

The sandworms, which we are not shown too much of, look very menacing. And I especially appreciate how Villeneuve shows the rumbling and displacement of sand whenever one is near. He really pays attention to the details.

Of course this is only part 1. The movie ends mid story, which may be jarring to some. But it is the logical mid point of the story. You should know going into this that this will be at least a two parter, and that you'll have to wait at least a year or so to see how it ends.
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You should know going into this that this will be at least a two parter, and that you'll have to wait at least a year or so to see how it ends.
I have heard that part 2 does not have a completed script yet, so I would think 2 to 3 year wait more likely.


I saw Lynch's Dune in theaters way back in 1984. I was a weird little boy so I enjoyed it even if I didn't understand everything. I still can't believe there was a toy line for it.

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