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5E New Interactive DPR Visualization Tool


Updated the OP with a summary of new features since the original posting. Some highlights:
  • Can select Champion or Battlemaster if Fighter Level >= 3, automatically modifying the crit range in the case of champion, and adding superiority dice in the case of BM. Currently superiority dice just get handled like smites, adding to damage, but a near-term goal is to factor in precision attack, which I previously modeled in a standalone fashion with @FrogReaver
  • Can break down damage components in the graph into "base", "once per turn" (e.g., sneak attack and sneak-like abilities), "limited use" (e.g., smites and superiority dice) and "crits" (from any source)
  • Option to turn on "crit fish" mode for sneak-attack-like abilities (not yet for smite-like abilities), @NotAYakk
  • Option to add custom static or dice bonuses to accuracy and damage (@Blue). Currently only for "every attack" bonuses, so no resource tracking yet for things like Bless, etc., but models basic +X weapons, or weapons like Flametongue that add dice damage to every hit.
  • Much more detailed "debug" information available

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100% advantage, hand crossbow, XBE, Custom Damage per hit (say, 2d12). You are over-calculating crit damage.

Specifically, I saw it with level 1 fighter level 11 bard. But I think it is just "custon extra damage" and daily crit damage?

It is like 33% of main weapon damage, not like 8%.

that is wrong.

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