New Marvel RPG?


I've had a great time in the playtest and in the recent demo session i did for the podcast.

Can't wait to play it again
Mike, was that you guys who did the recent podcast fighting Carnage in the sewer? If so, thank you. I'd still be in the dark if it wasn't for that.

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I just tore Carnage's suit's head off which knocked out Carnage very well (and gave me XP). By the way, as far as I could tell from the con game, you use XP to buy special things. I did not hear about it being used to permanently alter abilities.

Greg K

For anyone interested in the Cortex Plus Marvel game, the pdf has been marked down an additional 25% at RPGNow for the GM Day sale. During the sale its $9.94 instead of $12.99


For anyone who wants to play this game online, I've put together a free MapTool framework for it. You can download the framework itself here, and my blog post where I talk about it is here.


This may be a stoopid question, but how would this game play out having read exactly no Marvel comics?

I mean, as a comparison - I had no knowledge of oWoD prior to Vampire and that was a blast... it just kinda unfolded.

Does this game rely heavily on knowing and appreciating the canon? Is it going to lack subtlety and context without a fan-based appreciation of the Marvel world? Or does it provide a lot of that accumulated knowledge?

The data-files have decent outlines of what the characters are about.

I played the intro scenario with two buddies of mine. One has read a bunch of Marvel comics recently and the other likes super-heroes well enough but doesn't read comics. My buddy who didn't read comics much played Captain America and we just said that the events of the adventure were right where the movie had ended. It made the whole thing pretty easy and allowed me to describe Nick Fury as he was meant to be described, as Samuel L. Jackson.

Hopefully, the Event Milestones should offer ways for players to link their characters to the going's on in the Event without having any investment in having read any Marvel comics before the game started.


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I got a chance to play this a couple of times at my FLGS, and for having no in-depth experience to anything beyond 3.5 and Pathfinder, I found it to be rather enjoyable. I'm not sure whether it was designed this way, or if the simplicity of the system keeps it this way, but it seems hard to break, not at all geared for crazy min/max optimization, and rewards good roleplay and storytelling. All of those are huge pluses in my book.

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