D&D Movie/TV New South Park Special Mentions BG3

I don't have P+, but I go to P+ youtube channel to check what free stuff they put on there (like the currently available Fraiser 2023 Pilot). I clicked on a promo for South Park Special, and BG3 multiple mentions.

I'm only focusing on the BG3 mention here, not Paramount seemingly declaring war on Disney with South Park, just BG3 in South Park.

So could this be part of Paramounts broader plan for D&D partnerships like next year's D&D live action show? A little extra D&D advertising? Could we see D&D/BG3 mentions pop in NCIS or CSI? Lioness? Fraiser (I could see Nile's son being into D&D?)

Could this be a teaser for a future BG3 show, or spin off?

And could this hugely boost BG3 sales?

And what does mean that BG3 is already getting this kind of pop culture references and its only been in full release for a few months now?

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honestly I just want south park over it like a whole bunch of shows have live to long and sould have ended years ago so something else should take its place.

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
Paramounts broader plan for D&D partnerships like next year's D&D live action show?
The timing of the live action show is very much in the air. The writers and actors strikes certainly pushed it back far enough that neither Hasbro nor Paramount have spoken of it since the strikes started.

A lot of people suspect there won't be a Paramount Plus in a couple years based on the cancellation of Star Trek: Prodigy and it's renewal now being on Netflix. I also remember that the recent D&D movie is on Netflix, and that many suspect the Baldur's Gate series might appear on Netflix.

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