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This is the place to put your characters for GreenKarl's Space Operate WOIN N.E.W. Game.

Here is the OOC thread
The IC Thread

As noted in the OOC if you can find a cool picture and can post a link or photo with your character you can start with +5XP
If you come up with a basic background/backstory you also gain +5XP. I would like to see a reason why you have joined the Regulators if possible. Also you can assume that you have all meet, as the UFA has sponsored some training between you all.

The Reach is a big place so you can come up with your own worlds, corporations, etc. if you want to add to your characters background and help build up the region of space.
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Here is Marx.

Here's my career list, and rolls for age:

Origin: Talent: (9 years)
Marx was born on an asteroid, where his father was a minor. They were mining some strange substances, and when Marx was born, he was born different. As a baby, he reacted to people's emotions rather than their demeanor. As he grew, he learned he was able to feel other people's emotions with ease. He used this to make sure the other kids stayed in line, even catching a few in the act of some serious crimes. This did not earn him friends, however, but he didn't care. He wanted to make sure those who broke the law were caught.

Career 1: Battlepsyche (5 years)
Unfortunately, his power was discovered by a shadowy organization, known as The Spire. They took him at the age of 9 , and they trained him to be a powerhouse, developing his psychic abilities further. They wanted him to be a weapon. He hated them. After 5 years of training, he took off, using his newfound abilities to keep himself hidden from them.

Career 2: Detective: (2 years)
He spent the next 2 years on a frontier planet, named Fastra, where he fell in with an older man who was a private detective. Working as his Apprentice, Marx used his abilities to help track criminals. While young, he managed to keep his powers secret from everyone except a special few, and became very good at what he did, despite his young age.

Career 3 and 4: Star Knight (1d6)[5] and (1d6)[5]
He was approached by the Star Knights at the age of 16, who were impressed with his abilities and what he had chosen to do with them. He didn't want anything to do with it at first, wanting nothing more than to be a detective. But when they explained that they basically are detectives, only more effective, he made the hard choice to leave his new world and train with them. He built his own laser sword within the first 5 years, and increased his ability with it so he could deflect ranged attacks with it.

Now, this 26 year old Intuitive Human Star Knight who needs to bring criminals to justice does what he can to ferret out the criminals who would take advantage of those who just want to live their lives. He joined with the Regulators, going back out to the area where he grew up, thinking maybe, just maybe, he would find The Spire again, and pay them. Back for the childhood they stole. [/sblock]

An Intuitive Human Star Knight who needs to bring criminals to justice.
Hook Attribute: INT

Health: 15
Speed: 4d6
Jump: 16/2
Carry: 50
Initiative: 3d6
Melee Defense: 22 [AGI 8 (3d6 ) + Swords 3 (2d6) = 5d6 = 18 + 4 (Telekinetic Shield) = 22]
Ranged Defense: 22 [AGI 8 (3d6 ) + Swords 3 (2d6) = 5d6 = 18 + 4 (Telekinetic Shield) = 22]
Mental Defense: 18 [INT 9 (3d6] + Concentration 6 (3d6) = 6d6 (max 5d6) = 18]
Starting Money: 180cr

Laser Sword: 6d6 (Max 5d6)
Damage: 3d6 Heat

STR: 2
AGI: 8
END: 3
INT: 9
LOG: 3
WIL: 7
CHA: 3
LUC: 5
REP: 0
PSI: 8

Species: Human
Age: 26
Size: Medium

Homeworld type:
Attribute Bonus: AGI +1, STR -1
Bonus Skill: Zero-g

Talent (9 years)
Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, PSI +1
You manifested undisciplined psionic ability early in life, and struggled because of it.

Battlepsyche (5 years)
Attributes: END +1, WIL +1, PSI +2 (Switch END for INT, Hook Attribute)
Battlepsychs are trained for wartime psionic combat. They specialize in brute-force mental offense.

Detective (2 years)
Attributes: AGI +1, INT +2, CHA +1 (Switch CHA for PSI)
You become a detective, expert at spotting clues and finding your man. Even if you leave the profession, you still retain enough contacts to call in favors and request information.

Star Knight 2 (10 years)
Attributes: AGI +2, INT +2, WIL +2, PSI +2
An elite order of warriors, the Star knights are respected throughout the galaxy. Star knights rarely use ranged weapons, engaging the enemy with their laser swords.

Swords 3
Concentration 6

Feint (Free Exploit): This is identical to the Aim exploit, but for melee combat; it grants +1d6 bonus to an attack roll taken in the same turn. The attack action must come immediately after the feinting action. All characters get either the Aim or Feint exploit for free.
Perception filter (Free Exploit)(requires PSI 5): You render yourself hard to notice with a telepathic effect which causes others to simply ignore you. Perception filters work automatically on those with an INT attribute of less than your PSI score, while more intuitive creatures will notice you immediately. If you make an attack, the effect ends immediately. Creatures aware of you cannot thereafter be affected by the perception filter.
Varied (Human Exploit): Human boast more variation within their species than most. Add 2 to one other attribute, and add 1 to a third attribute (PSI 2, AGI 1).
Explorers (Human Exploit): Driven by inquisitive exploratory nature, Humans gain a number of XP equal to their grade every time they set foot on a planet new to them.
Empath (Origin Exploit): You can sense strong emotions in those with whom you converse.
Telekinetic shield (Battlepsyche Exploit) You gain +4 DEFENSE from a permanent telekinetic shield.
Clues (Detective Exploit). If there are any clues to find at a crime scene, you automatically find them within 5 minutes.
Laser sword (Star Knight Exploit): You build your own standard quality laser sword.
Missile deflection [requires Laser Sword]. You are able to deflect incoming ranged attacks with your laser sword. This allows you to use your laser sword for DEFENSE against ranged attacks as well as from melee attacks.

Equipment: 37cr
Laser Sword (Blue)
Backpack 4
Planetary Communicator 30
Handcuffs 30
Rope, Hemp, 4
Forensic Kit 75[/sblock]


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An unwashed warped human space jockey who hides a dark secret
Age 21
XP: 15
Homeworld: Asteroid

Strength 3 2d6
Agility 7 3d6
Endurance 7 3d6
Willpower 5 2d6
Intuition 6 3d6
Logic 5 2d6
Charisma 3 2d6
Reputation 0 0d6
Luck 5 2d6
PSI 8 3d6

Health: 22
Psi Points: 18
Speed: 5
Running: 5
Climbing: 3
Swimming: 3
Zero-G: 3
Low-G: 3
High-G: 3
Jump: 7' horiz, 3' vert
Carry: 100lbs
Initiative: 7d6
- Melee: 18 (5d6)
- Ranged: 22 (5d6)
- Vital: 11 (3d6)
- Mental: 16 (4d6)

- Melee: 3d6
- Ranged: 3d6
- PSI: 3d6

Acrobatics 3 (2d6)
Concentration 3 (2d6)
Zero-G 1 (1d6)
Ergokinesis 3 (2d6)
Computers 3 (2d6)
Pistol 1 (1d6)

- Aim: This is identical to the Feint exploit, but for ranged combat; it grants +1d6 bonus to an attack roll taken in the same turn. The attack action must come immediately after the feinting action. All characters get either the Aim or Feint exploit for free.
- Crazed Minds: The Warped really are a bit different. They think differently, and act strangely. They gain +2 MENTAL DEFENSE.
- See Ghosts: Warped claim to be able to see ghosts. Whether these are hallucinations or some strange artifact of the black holes they grown up near, these ghosts are able to impart information. Once per day, a Warped can spend a LUC die and ask one yes/no question which the GM will answer truthfully.n
- Warped Psionics: Warped begin play with two clairsentience or clairvoyance psionic powers.
- Programming: You have been specifically bred and engineered for a purpose. At the start of a fight your ‘programming' kicks in, granting you a +2d6 INITIATIVE bonus.
- Telekinetic Shield: You gain +4 RANGED DEFENSE from a permanent telekinetic shield. This does not stack with any other equipment DEFENSE bonuses, such as shields, and it has no effect when used in cover.
- Off the Grid: You know how to disappear without trace, dropping off the grid completely. No location discerning checks or abilities can find you unless you want them to.
- Psi-Blast: You can use an action and make a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack to blast an opponent with a mental burst which does 3d6 psionic damage and has a range increment of 10'.
- Electrokinetic Blast: (Ergokinesis) (requires INT 6, PSI 6). You blast an opponent with a range increment of 10' with a bolt of focused electricity. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE attack; if you succeed, you do 1d6 per 2 PSI electricity damage.
- Perception Filter: (Telepathy) (requires PSI 5). You render yourself hard to notice with a telepathic effect which causes others to simply ignore you. Perception filters work automatically on those with an INT attribute of less than your PSI score, while more intuitive creatures will notice you immediately. If you make an attack, the effect ends immediately. Creatures aware of you cannot thereafter be affected by the perception filter.
- Hypercognition: (Clairsentience) (requires PSI 8). When you use this power, everything appears to slow down for you. For 1 round per 4 PSI, you gain an extra action each round. Using this power is a free action.
- Precognition (Clairsentience) (requires PSI 4). Your natural precognition gives you a +1d6 per 4 PSI bonus to INITIATIVE checks as well as checks to access the ambush turn.
- Young: Once per day, when rolling a dice pool, you may declare it to be an exploding dice pool. Any 6s that you roll may be rolled again, the new roll adding to the existing 6. If you roll a 6 again, repeat, until you roll less than a 6.

Disruptor Pistol: Damage 2d6+2 heat, Range 12, Cost 100cr, Size S, Wt. 3, Availability 8B, Special: Sidearm.
Mesh Lining Longcoat: Soak 4; Cost 50cr; Type Light; Wt. 8; Availability 9A; Inneffective – Blunt
Survival Tool Kit: (Wt. 4, Cost 25cr) includes a compass, electronic mapping devices, emergency rations, a small selection of 10 spray dressings, 10 chemical light-sticks, and a portable laser stove.
Communicator, long-range: (Wt. 0.5, Cost 75cr) Range 1 AU
Knife: Damage 2d6 Piercing, Cost 2cr, Size T, Wt. 1, Availability 1A, Special: Throw
Credits: 143
Subject AX-1326-EL was created on a small asteroid locked at the Innermost stable circular orbit of singularity 5C-2145. For six years the subject was tested on by members of the Psiogen Corp. Psiogen was the shadow subsidiary of Korig-Kwoliski Combine, one of the most powerful megacorps in the Reach. Psiogen used the strange properties of the black hole to alter the subjects mind and body. The experiment was a success and Subject AX-1326-EL developed remarkable Psionic abilities. Though it involved constant pain and isolation for Subject AX-1326-EL.
Intense training was given to Subject AX-1326-EL. He was taught to use his gifts to remain unnoticed. He learned to protect himself. But mostly he was taught to kill. Once his skills were perfected he was sent into the field. Psiogen controlled him through some unknown means. All he knew was that he loved his handlers and would do anything to please them. They used him to kill, more people than he can remember. During his last mission something happened. He was caught in a blast. When he regained consciousness his mind was clear. He remembered everything about the past 15 years but the adulation was gone. At this point the fear set in. He knew that Psiogen would do anything to get him back.
Using the skills Psiogen gave him he disappeared. He hired onto a ship as their Comms Operator. He spent the next 6 years working until he saw the posting for a new Regulator Team being formed. Axel as he was now calling himself decided to sign up.
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Angel Black

Angel Black


[sblock=Angel Black]
Angel Black, a 28-year old female Alert Human, who is going to get this job done, dammit.
Homeworld: Desert

Moisture Farmer
Bounty Hunterx2
Police Officerx2


Pistols 3 Martial Arts 1
Rifle 1 Dodging 1

Survival 1 Driving 1
Engineering 1 Tracking 1
Perception 1 Bureaucracy 1
Intimidate 1 Stealth 1
Gambling 1

(8/30/2018: spent 4 XP, purchased Stealth 1 and Gambling 1, reserving 6 XP)

Prey: Humans
Out of Place

Alert (+1d6 Percpetion, always wins init ties)

Health: 17
Speed: 5
Jump: 14’/3’
Carry: 90
Init: 3d6
Melee Defense: 14
Ranged Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 10
Vital Defense: 10
Unarmed Damage: 1d6+2
Starting Credits: 350

Regulator Gear: Disruptor Pistol, Survival Tool Kit, Mesh Lining Longcoat
Rifle (Slugger), Pistol (Slugger)
Backpack, Binoculars, Handcuffs, Knife, Planetary Communicator
Full whiskey flask (contains 3 drinks)
Credits in-hand: 50

Equipment acquired from quartermaster:
Cold weather gear
Winter Clothing
2nd set of handcuffs


Angel van Buisseth was born in the Reach. Her parents were Sooners, part of a group that moved in before the Union gave the go-ahead so that they could get out from under the yoke of the corporate world where they’d been raised. They settled on Grit, an aptly named world with mineral wealth and practically nothing else to recommend it. Angel grew up fighting a perpetual battle to keep the dust from infiltrating the moisture harvesters and swallowing the farm.

At the age of 14, fate intervened. Mallax, a Felan bounty hunter, came to Grit chasing a rogue corporate executive. He got lost in a dust storm and ended up at the farm. When he started asking questions, Angel remembered she’d seen the man in town, and figured out how to find him. This impressed Mallax, especially when the girl demanded a cut of the bounty for the information. When the job was complete, Mallax offered to take her on as an apprentice to learn the trade.

She worked with him for several years, traveling from system to system and hunting down all manner of criminal. She took the alias “Angel Black” to make it harder for any angry acquaintances to trace her back to her parents. Mallax taught her how to take criminals alive, as the rewards were usually better, but also taught her not to hesitate when it was time to pull the trigger. When Angel decided she’d learned enough, they parted ways. When their paths have crossed since, their relationship has swung between vicious competition for the same bounty and laughter over beers.

Angel built a rep for herself, spending years hopping from world to world after embezzlers, escaped felons, criminals on the lam, and unfaithful lovers with rich and vindictive exes. On the way to claim the payoff for a particularly lucrative job, she booked passage aboard a freighter. She fell for a crewman, Aneth Vance, and the two had an intense romance in the close quarters of the ship.

Two days before the voyage ended, it came as a shock to find that, despite precautions, she was pregnant. She told Aneth, who gave all appearances of being happy about it. But he disappeared within hours of their hitting port.

This was a stupid thing to try with a top-drawer bounty hunter. Aneth woke up the next morning to a knife at his throat and the kind of smile you never want to see on an ex-lover’s face. But she left without hurting him. She’d just wanted him to know she could have.

No one ever asked Angel why she decided to keep the child, and if they had, she would not have known how to answer. But she’d put together enough cash to settle down somewhere and do something else. And maybe she was just tired of a life where she woke up every morning hoping to meet one of humanity’s most contemptible specimens.

She returned to Grit. She had vague notions of buying some land, but she found something more suitable. The settlement where she had grown up had become large enough to get a name – Greenrock – and the town council had just decided they needed a sheriff. Angel was perfect – she was from the community, but had been away long enough that she wasn’t caught up in any of the local feuds.

As she started to show, there was some grumbling in the town that maybe she should have told them she was pregnant. This ended when, 6 months into her term, a local troublemaker decided this was a good time to help himself to some expensive bottles from the local saloon. When Angel confronted him about the theft, he said some things that proved to be unwise. A moment later, as he was lying in the dirt moaning in agony, she explained that it was, “*Sheriff* fat, ugly, bitch.” He paid for the whiskey and the town stopped grumbling.

The 6 years that followed were good. Her son, Gareth, grew healthy and strong, and Angel’s parents sold the farm and moved in with them. Angel was a fixture in the community, working with Mayor Teegal to keep order in the growing mining town.

It was the Klicks who ruined it. Angel and Teegal organized an orderly evacuation as soon as the orbital bombardment began, somehow managing to get 200 people across open desert over a three day march to the spaceport. To this day, Angel does not know if the Klicks actually landed to take possession of Greenrock or if they just blasted it for spite.

The Union was organizing a mass evacuation, and the family boarded a hastily-modified freighter. They wound up on Clemency, a world of little value where the Union had set up a refugee settlement.

Angel had seen refugee settlements in her prior life, and it took less than a nanosecond for her to decide that her son was not staying in this one. She needed cash in a hurry, so she called an old friend at the Regulators. She got a job and a signing bonus on the strength of her reputation, blew the cash setting her parents and son up in an apartment on Clemency, and wandered off to take on her new gig.

She is too much the Reacher to waste time bemoaning her misfortune. She does not want to be away from her son, and would rather there were something she could do for her friends languishing in the refugee camp, but this is the best she can do right now. She will go where she needs to, clean up whatever mess is put in front of her, and kick any asses that need kicking. But the Regulators had better not be late with those checks.

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Name: Summer Remington Knight
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: City
Origin: Navy Brat
Age: 29
XP: 10

Descriptor: A suave Human smuggler who can’t resist a pretty face.

STR 3 (2d6)
AGI 9 (3d6)
END 3 (2d6)
INT 4 (2d6)
LOG 5 (2d6)
WIL 5 (2d6)
CHA 8 (3d6)
LUC 9 (3d6)
REP 2 (1d6)

Dodging 1 (1d6)

Bluffing 1 (1d6)
Brawling 1 (1d6)
Carousing 1 (1d6)
Diplomacy 1 (1d6)
Flirtation 1 (1d6)
Gambling 1 (1d6)
Leadership 1 (1d6)
Piloting 3 (2d6)
Pistols 1 (1d6)
Reactions 1 (1d6)
Starship Tactics 1 (1d6)

Speed: 5
Climb: 2.5
Swim: 2.5
Jump: 18’/3’ (10’ run-up)

Initiative: 3d6
Perception: 2d6
Carry: 80 lbs


  • Brawling: 4d6 (1d6+2 Blunt)
    • Critical Success (Triple 6s), roll 1d6
      • 1-2: Dazed: The target is unstable and disoriented.
        • Stage 1: You can only take one action per round and a hit knocks you prone.
        • Stage 2: You cannot take any actions.

      • 3: Deaf: The target’s hearing is affected by a ringing in the ears or a physical obstruction.
        • Stage 1: You cannot hear sounds more than 30’ away and suffer -1d6 to PERCEPTION and INITIATIVE. You have SOAK 5 (sonic). You cannot benefit from any voice-based buffs or benefits which originate from further than 30’ away.
        • Stage 2: You cannot hear anything and suffer -2d6 to PERCEPTION and INITIATIVE. You have SOAK 10 (sonic). You cannot benefit from any voice-based buffs or benefits.

      • 4: Sleeping: The target is sent to sleep by magic or a heavy blow.
        • Stage 1: You are drowsy and lethargic. You may only act once each turn.
        • Stage 2: You are asleep, and cannot be woken.

      • 5-6: Drunk: The target is intoxicated by drink or another substance, or is punch-drunk from a heavy blow.
        • Stage 1: You cannot move more than once in a round.
        • Stage 2: You cannot move, but at the start of your turn you wander 1d6 squares in a random direction.


  • Stun Baton: 3d6 (2d6+2 Electricity, Stun)
    • Critical Success (Triple 6s), roll 1d6
      • 1-3: Dazed: The target is unstable and disoriented.
        • Stage 1: You can only take one action per round and a hit knocks you prone.
        • Stage 2: You cannot take any actions.

      • 4-5: Pain: An injury causes the target pain which restricts movement.
        • Stage 1: You take 1d6 damage if you take a second action in a turn.
        • Stage 2: You take 1d6 damage if you take any actions.

      • 6: Burning
        • Stage 1: You take 1d6 fire damage per round. Clothes are ruined.
        • Stage 2: You take 2d6 fire damage per round. Clothes, hair, and eyebrows are ruined.


  • Disruptor Pistol: 4d6 (2d6+3 heat, Range 12, sidearm [+1d6 to hit adjacent targets])
    • Critical Success (Triple 6s), roll 1d6
      • 1-3: Burning
      • 4-5: Pain
      • 6: Disarmed: The target’s weapon is temporarily dropped, broken, jammed, or entangled.
        • Stage 1: Your weapon cannot be used.
        • Stage 2: As above, but the condition is now severe and requires a 6 to end.

Melee Defense: 5d6 (18)
Ranged Defense: 4d6 (14)
Mental Defense: 4d6 (14)
Vital Defense: 2d6 (10)
Soak: 4; Ineffective Blunt
Health: 12

Exploits & Trait
Attribute: Charisma

  • Suave: Once per day a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack can be used to give a target the Charmed condition.
    • Charmed: The target feels friendship and loyalty towards the attacker.
      • Stage 1: You will not attack the source of the charm, nor will you willingly allow harm to come to them; neither do you provide flank or crossfire bonuses against them.
      • Stage 2: You will obey commands which do not overly conflict with your nature or which are obviously harmful to you.


  • Basic Training
  • Evasive flying: A ship which you pilot gains a DEFENSE bonus equal to your AGI attribute dice pool.
  • Petrolhead. You have a familiarity with vehicles of military design. When driving or piloting a military vehicle (but not a starship), you gain a +1d6 bonus to checks to operate it.
  • Ship rat: You gain an overall familiarity with naval vessels and starships, and get a +1d6 bonus to checks related to them.
  • Seat of your pants: Smugglers rely a lot on old-fashioned luck and bravado. They can recharge their LUCK pool an extra time per day.


  • Enduring: +1 to your 1d6 die roll to shake off a temporary condition.
  • Explorers: Gain a number of XP equal to their grade every time they travel to a star system new to them. They can only gain this bonus once per week.
  • Varied


  • Aim: +1d6 bonus to a ranged attack roll taken in the same turn. The attack action must come immediately after the aim action.
  • Dodge: You may use a reaction to dodge one attack you are aware of, as long as you are not in cover. State your intention before the attack roll. The attacker suffers a -2d6 penalty for that attack.


  • Backpack (9/60): 2 lbs; holds 60 lbs; +20 carrying capacity
    • Survival Tool Kit: Wt. 4; includes a compass, electronic mapping devices, emergency rations, a small selection of 10 spray dressings, 10 chemical light-sticks, and a portable laser stove.
    • Nylon rope: 50’; 5 lb

  • Combat Knife: 2d6+2 Piercing; Wt. 1; Throw 3
  • Disruptor Pistol: Damage 2d6+2 heat, Range 12, Wt. 3, Special: Sidearm.
  • Handcuffs: 1 lb
  • Long-range communicator: 0.5 lb
  • Mesh Lining Longcoat: Soak 4; Type: Light; Wt. 8; Ineffective – Blunt
  • Stun Baton: Damage 2d6+2 Electricity; Weight 3, Stun

Total Weight: 27.5/80
Wealth: 49 cr

Life Path
Total Careers: 5 (Max dice pool: 5d6)
Navy Brat: 14 years
Academy: 3 years
Navy Cadet Cruise: 1 year
Pilot: 5 years
Smuggler: 6 years


Summer Remington Knight was the second child of Remington and Laura Knight. She has an older brother Winston. Her father was a naval officer in a family tradition going back generations. Much of Summer’s childhood was spent moving around a lot before the family eventually settled on the city planet of Ravnica on the edge of the Core.

As was expected of her, Summer followed her brother Winston to the Naval Academy Preparatory School and then on to the Academy itself. She did well, but she was more of a carefree and rebellious nature than her brother and found the naval life stifling. Her disciplinary record was as long as her academic achievements. But she persisted, graduating the Academy, completing her cadet cruise, and becoming a fighter pilot until her promising career was brought to a crash and burn. That’s what happens when you get caught in bed with the admiral’s young trophy wife.

With a career destined to go nowhere, and still itching under the thumb of military discipline, Summer left the navy. She eked out a living as a pilot working junk freighters until she got hired on with a smuggling crew.

A few years later, the crew got caught on a job. As the getaway driver, the evidence against Summer was circumstantial. A friend of her father’s, a retired Navy JAG officer, came to Summer’s defence. Part of her deal to avoid prison was to give evidence against her boyfriend, the smuggler captain, and she was given a probationary sentence to join the Regulators keeping the peace out in the Reach.
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An erudite android engineer who seeks to perfect itself
Homeworld: Asteroid (-Str, +AGI; Zero-G skill)
Grade 5
Exp 10

Strength 6 3d6
Agility 9 3d6
Endurance 4 2d6
Willpower 3 2d6
Intuition 4 2d6
Logic 11 4d6
Charisma 4 2d6
Reputation 1 1d6
Luck 3 2d6

Health: 17
Speed: 6 (4 zero-g, 3 everything else)
Jump: 16' horiz, 6' vert
Carry: 100lbs
Initiative: 2d6
- Melee: 18 (AGI 3d6 + Dodging 1d6 + Martial Arts 1d6)
- Ranged: 14 (AGI 3d6 + Dodging 1d6)
- Vital: 10 (END 2d6)
- Mental: Immune

- Unarmed: 4d6 (1d6+3)
- Ranged: 4d6 (2d6+2)

Zero-G 1, 1d6
Computer 3, 2d6
Engineering 3, 2d6
Electronics 1, 1d6
Dodging 1, 1d6
Astrogation 1, 1d6
Navigation 1, 1d6
Piloting 1, 1d6
Martial Arts 1, 1d6
Pistols 1, 1d6

- Aim
- Always Prepared (Declare single plausible action that took place prior to an encounter)
- Erudite (substitute LOG for CHA when interacting, 1/target)
- Mindless (immune to mental defense effects)
- Deterministic (Cannot spend LUC dice to gain bonus dice on attribute checks)
- Vulnerable to electric (1d6) and ionic (2d6) damage
- Does not eat, sleep or breathe, +50% weight
- Modifications
- - Organic Appearance (somewhat humanlike appearance; not confusable)
- - Compute (Can quickly absorb and store large amounts of data, quickly calculate complex problems or FTL calculations)
- Service Droid (2 LOG, CHA, AGI) - Unsuspicious (+1d6 to bluff, decieve or access ambush turn) 2 years
- Space Jockey (AGI, END, LOG, LUC) - E-Defender (+4 to shipboard E-defense) 5 years
- Engineer (STR, AGI, LOG, LUC) - Android Repair (Action to heal 1d6 Health to adj mechanoid 1/day) 4 years
- Engineer (STR, AGI, LOG, LUC) - Engine-tuner (+1 FTL factor on ship) 5 years
- Bounty Hunter (AGI, INT, LOG, REP) - Deadly Strike (Universal; +1d6 dmg with attacks) 1 year

Credits: 66

Disruptor Pistol: Damage 2d6+2 heat, Range 12, Cost 100cr, Size S, Wt. 3, Availability 8B, Special: Sidearm.

Mesh Lining Longcoat: Soak 4; Cost 50cr; Type Light; Wt. 8; Availability 9A; Inneffective – Blunt

Engineering toolkit, 4lbs, 75cr
Backpack, 2lbs, 4cr
Communicator (long range), .5lb, 75cr
Survival Tool Kit, 4lbs, 25cr (includes a compass, electronic mapping devices, emergency rations, a small selection of 10 spray dressings, 10 chemical light-sticks, and a portable laser stove)

[sblock=Background]Seventeen years ago, a particular cargo ship was attacked by a band of pirates calling themselves Void Rage. Among the other valuables stolen was an android, newly manufactured and powered down in storage. One of the Void Rage pirates was a bit of a tech-head, so he took the android on, figured out how to power it up, and 'adopted' it with altered programming to help out around the ship.

Early on the pirates discovered that the android had a rather prodigious computational ability, and took full advantage of this. It was taught to navigate through space and hyperspace, and could calculate FTL jumps faster and more precisely than their own starship's main computer.

From there it was a short journey to other tasks...from taking over the pirate vessel's information warfare suite, to helping maintain the ship's systems. The android became something of an accepted 'component' of the ship, barely seen or heard.

But they were all of them deceived.

The android's artificial intelligence was much greater than they'd understood. As it continued to learn and grow, it quickly determined what it wanted and how best to go about doing it. Its potential for growth was constrained under the auspices of the Void Rage. Moreover, their actions would result in nearly inevitable capture or destruction within a decade. If it aided them, it would share that fate. The alternative was, therefore, NOT to aid them.

After gaining the trust...or at least obliviousness...of the pirate gang, the android observed their actions, overheard their plans and analyzed their personalities. It formulated a plan to tip off authorities in such a way as to avoid a conflict in space where the ship, and the android, could potentially be destroyed.

The android's side of the plan went off without a hitch, right down to the pirates' weapons being pre-emptively disarmed in anticipation they'd want to destroy it for the betrayal even as they were being defeated. However the local system authorities were ill-trained and equipped, and the pirates were able to escape shortly afterwards. The android, having cast off its original pirate designation and now calling itself 'Echo' teamed up with a bounty hunter to track them down, learning a great deal about the gentle arts of self-defense in the process.

Finally Echo elected to join the Regulators. Access to more resources balanced out the disadvantages of being part of a chain of command; particularly one as loose as the Regulators. It was a pro-social organization, meaning Echo would not be giving up access to the benefits of civilization in the furtherance of its quest for improvement and growth.

And Echo found it had acquired something of a taste for standing up for rights, be those its own rights or those of others.[/sblock]

Voidrunner's Codex

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