Night Court is back after 30 years.

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It does have its moments and it looks like it will dip into the wackiness of the original.
At the tail end of episode one, you can tell when Laroquette turns around on the spot, the prosecutor has to take a moment by shaking her head before she breaks character.


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I've seen the trailer only. Have to catch it. Night Court was a beloved show from when I was younger, but it really all rested on the chemistry of the characters. And they were quite the Characters. It could be nuanced and poignant, but that was often due to either Harry's kindness or the interplay.


It's very retro. Feels much more like an 80s or 90s sitcom than a present day one. And I don't think it's just because they did a good job of reproducing the sets from the original show. It's more about the staging and the jokes.

My kid enjoyed it, which is high approval as far as I'm concerned. Anything that cracks through the usual teenage "whatever" aura can't be all bad. After watching the first two episodes their criticism was that they needed to do more court cases and less of the "other stuff" because the court cases were the funniest bits. Can't disagree with them really - the cast hasn't gelled yet, so the absurd stuff is the fun stuff. I'd like to see the cases get wackier tho - they feel like they're playing it a little safe so far and not dipping into the truly absurd.


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My understanding is that he also disliked shaving his head.
Seriously? I had no idea!


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