D&D General Nolzur creates inclusive miniatures, people can't handle it.

Dire Bare

Because the issue isn't one of verisimilitude, it's one of representation, and any objection is presumed to be a pretext masking hateful and anti-inclusive sentiment.
I might be misunderstanding you here, but . . .

How is a magical, fantasy wheelchair hateful and anti-inclusive?

Some players with real-world disabilities would rather not play out those disabilities in their characters. Others very much would love to do so, as a form of representation and being seen.

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You definitely did (though you're not the first person in this thread to do so).

To expound, I'm saying that any objection to the fantasy wheelchair is presumed to be hateful and anti-inclusive.
Sorry, I did not mean to speak for you. I just thought it pertinent to nip that in the bud before it flowered.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I have often thought a very useful tool in social media would to be able to tag users with specific notes. So when you see McBob77 come up in a friend's comment feed it reminds you of your note "dude thinks Elon Musk is smart."
Shinigami Eyes is a thing, but it would be cool if it or a similar extension could flag more than transphobia.
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Out of curiosity - why? Why can't it be a wheelchair? Why would magical spiderlegs be better than magical wheels?

I'd ask those that are uncomfortable with this mini to flip the script and see if they can be creative enough to find a place for an NPC cleric like this in their setting. Why would a cleric not heal their own legs? How would a cleric in a wheelchair operate? How would you make it fit into your setting.
This is a really powerful creative exercise too. Whenever you notice something that “can’t be,” in a fictional setting, trying to come up with an internally consistent reason for why it is anyway is great for your brain.

Um, no. Don’t do it quietly. Do the right thing and do it loudly. Especially when doing it quietly allows the other people to continue hurting others

People are getting hurt by those types of comments. Standing up to them is important. For one, to show how that behavior isn’t OK, and two, to show the people who are being hurt that they aren’t alone or ignored.
Agree 100%. If I see an injustice, I step in and do something about it right then and there. What I don't do is what you did here.

Doing the right thing would be to respond to the post that you screen grabbed. Dragging that screen post here is the 'outrage posting' I was talking about. It feels like it's about getting attention. When I say doing it quietly, I don't mean 'do nothing about it'. I mean doing something about it, but not in a way that says 'everybody, look at me doing a good thing'.

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