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D&D General OAR: If the next module chosen is not from TSR, what would you choose?

Urriak Uruk

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Imagine a cruel future: Goodman Games announces that Wizard's of the Coast is no longer interested in leasing old TSR adventures for reprint and expansion through the Original Adventures Reincarnated line. It is a dark day, as hundreds of voices cry out in terror only to suddenly be silenced.

But there is hope! With OAR's most recent release being "Dark Tower" by Jennell Jaquays, the OAR line looks like it can continue with adventures that are not owned by WotC.

So my question is; if Goodman no longer has the rights to make future OAR with TSR adventures, what non-TSR adventure would you want them to give the OAR treatment to?

Here are my picks;

Caverns of Thracia

The other classic dungeon crawl by Jennell Jaquays, some would argue it is superior to Dark Tower. With the same non-linear design as Dark Tower, no two playthroughs are likely to be the same. A dungeon ruled over by a Minotaur king and his family with a strong Greek mythical vibe, seems like a good choice.

Palace of the Vampire Queen

A five-level dungeon, The Palace is technically the first standalone adventure ever published for D&D. Although it's considered to have some great maps and interesting encounters, some would argue this early iterations lacks the fluff and descriptions of the best of the OG. Still, who can compete with the very first adventure published, and perhaps getting a full OAR treatment can take the Palace to the heights it's original may lack!

Griffin Mountain

All right, I may be cheating a bit on this one as it was written for Runequest and not D&D. Still, considering how OAR's non-TSR line is dual-managing D&D and DCC, I can dream of taking fantasy modules from other systems too. And Griffin Mountain is arguably one of the best, if not huge at around 200 pages. Still, it's considered not only bigger but better, with detailed encounters and rules for wilderness, and essentially it's own detailed piece on the world of Glorantha. With a great writing team, it's hard not to see this as one of the best fantasy campaigns written for a different system.

So those are my picks, but what would you fight for to get an OAR release? Very curious to hear others thoughts, and learn which adventures I'm probably missing. I do ask that folks try to keep suggestions firmly before 2000 though, as this is supposed to be reprinting old adventures, not just really good ones.

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Came here to post a combo Palace of the Vampire Queen/ Dwarven Glory. There are modern reprints available, but there's so much that could be done in the expansion part of OAR releases with them. There are these tiny worldbuilding hints in each of them that could readily be built upon.

The immature part of me also wants to suggest Judges Guild's Glory Hole Dwarven Mine. It's actually a neat adventure, but that name always makes me chuckle.


If they could somehow get Judges Guild material away from the Judges Guild...doing an OAR of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy publications (such as the City State) to create a slipcase with reprints, and another book with modified and updated unified Campaign Setting would he interesting.
Yeah. I have the boxed set put out by Necromancer Games back in 3.5, and it's a great product.

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