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OD&D 4 me (April Fools)

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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
hafrogman said:
Yeah . . . because you and your "rebels" did such a good job there, didn't they. Tell that to the millions that lost their lives in the shattering of the old world, all because you interfered.
We had to do something to stop genocide!


Sniper o' the Shrouds
Remathilis said:
En World - Diaglo's D&D/OD&D (1974)/Chainmail News site?

What news would there be? Unless the delay in the GSL was so that it would be retroactive to cover previous editions. Could be pretty interesting to see 3rd party supplements for OD&D. Especially if it meant we could get a good setting.

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Charwoman Gene said:
No, they don't.

I was tempted to say: "Yes, they do."

But, alas, I must save such retorts to do battle with the typical riffraff that enjoy raining on parades. Your posts, on the contrary, are witty and to the point.

Plus, I generally agree with you, thus your opinions must be correct.

Let us agree to disagree, hm?



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Too much drama in this thread. I think it belongs in Plots & Places.

And lay off the :):):):)ing cursing, please.

Michael Morris

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GnomeWorks said:
Bah. Play American II, then Japanese IV. There are differences (including but not limited to the things I listed above), and the original is more difficult.
True. The US version was based on the Japanese "easy" version. If you want the original you can get it on the Playstation as part of Final Fantasy Anthologies which also has Chrono Trigger on it.


I wonder what would happen if I reported all the mods' posts in this thread?

Would ENWorld collapse into a singularity?

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