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OGL-Gate & Mainstream Media: The Guardian Weighs In

With The Guardian picking up the story this morning, here's a list of media outlets covering the Open Gaming Licence controversy. The initial story came from Gizmodo/iO9, which recieved a leaked copy of the OGL v1.1., and YouTube channel RollForCombat. The Guardian: ‘People are leaving the game’: Dungeons & Dragons fans revolt against new restrictions Vice: Dungeons and Dragons Is...


Pedantic Grognard
Setting the OGL controversy aside, it is often adorable when mainstream media outlets cover our hobby and misunderstand half of what they are talking about. Never change, guys. Never change.
Advice -- don't assume that level of misunderstanding applies only to "our hobby".

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Hasbro-WotC released the Anti-OGL, with NDAs for people to sign. Apparently some did sign it.

The Anti-OGL is now in effect!

The mainly irrelevant adjustments (that were indefensible anyway), to a future version of it, havent actually happened yet.

They showed a possible draft version of the anti-ogl to people and got them to sign NDAs for feed back, that is not the same as an official release or it going into effect, it's not in effect, OGL 1.0a is still very much alive.

OGL 1.1 and OGL 2.0 are dead, WotC basically admitted that and now they are scrambling to fine something of this they can salvage so have something they can go to the board with other then scandals and decades of community building burnt to the ground in less than a month. It won't work, anti-ogl and maybe any kind of new OGL now is just to toxic to salvage and the longer they keep trying the more damage they do to the brand, Hasbro and their own job security.


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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Looks like Hasbro stock is not doing so well today....

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(Ignore all the portuguese, I'm to lazy to open google in english)
Unless someone else mentioned it this thread already, you heard it here first, my prediction is Chris Cocks is gone by May :.-( Whether Cynthia Williams precedes him or soon after him, I don't know.

Too bad - Chris Cocks iirc had actually played MtG and DnD and even Avalon Hill games, so he was "one of us" from a nerd perspective


And MSN shoehorned in a bit about the OGL into a larger article about upcoming fantasy film and television, directly linking the controversy to Honor Among Thieves (likely the last thing that Wizards wants) with a screenshot from the trailer.
Hasbro, the overarching company behind mega-popular tabletop fantasy Dungeons and Dragons, is cracking down on third-party creators, and people aren’t pleased. In the past, outside creators have largely been free to make a profit from their entirely original DnD content, but Hasbro aims to change that. This decision led to instant backlash and the rise of a popular petition aiming to sue Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast in an effort to maintain creator rights. The petition has already collected nearly 1,000 signatures, and more are flooding in by the minute.

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