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OGL-Gate & Mainstream Media: The Guardian Weighs In

With The Guardian picking up the story this morning, here's a list of media outlets covering the Open Gaming Licence controversy. The initial story came from Gizmodo/iO9, which recieved a leaked copy of the OGL v1.1., and YouTube channel RollForCombat. The Guardian: ‘People are leaving the game’: Dungeons & Dragons fans revolt against new restrictions Vice: Dungeons and Dragons Is...


That's a weird, badly-researched, and unhelpful article that addresses almost none of the genuine issues. And talking up defunct piracy sites as a demonstration of how innovative D&D fans are to pursue their hobby is ... certainly an interesting journalistic line to take.
ahem It's certainly not defunct, it's just mostly less visible now.

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How inconvenient
60 Minutes, 1985.

Never forget.

We were stronger than that, we are stronger than this, we are stronger than attacks on D&D in general, whether they come from within or without.

Although we knew about Patricia Pulling and B.A.D.D. even here in the backwater lowlands, I don't think any of us have ever seen that clip, which I would classify as walking just on the wrong side of the line between barely veiled sensationalism and what 60 Minutes calls "investigative journalism".

Irritatingly, it does make me even more wrong with my 50 years.:cry:

Pretty close with my "50 years", though! :)

Liaisons Dangereuses




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is The Street a big news outlet?
Is the article telling us any information we don’t know already, or does it contain anything other than a brief summary of events? I’d love to know how they define or justify tanked… as I can’t see it anywhere in there. No figures. No sense of scale, sounds like a fair bit of hyperbole.

My point was that this incident hasn’t dented Hasbro’s stock. Quite probably because investors know that regaining control over the IP is good for the company.

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