Ohio Gameday 2: Game Sign Up (5/17/03)


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Okay, the first one was a lot of fun, so do people want a sequal? Last time we had five games and 29 people, I'm hoping for a bigger turnout.

When: 5/17/03
Where: Grey H in the Ohio Union

What will we do differently: More organized. I learned a few things and I think I can have this one run much smoother.

So, if you are interesting please post. If you can suggest a date or know what dates are bad for you, post them. Want to run a game? Post that as well. Want to play in one, post it.

I'm going to run Fellowship of the Flute Part 2. I'm advancing the pregens up to third level. More info as it becomes availible.

So, let's hear from you.

The Games


Mutants and Masterminds run by Ashockey is running X-men verse Avengers: Crothian, Kaffis, Bubbalicious, Juneau, BButler

CANCELED: d20 Mecha: Mobile Suit Gundam: Vengeance (UC0080)
run by Lrdapoc (6 players): Jon, Quickbeam, dshai527


CANCELED: Star Wars RPG Episode I: Descent (Republic Expansion 700yrs before SW:ANH) run by Lrdapoc (6 players): DanMcS, Kaffis, Juneau,, BButler, armaghedron

Fellowship of the Flute 2 run by Crothian (7 players): Clear Dragon, Quickbeam, Aurora, Bubbalicious, dshai527, Majicthise


Swashbuckling Game part 2 run by Dshai527: DanMCs, Bubbalicious, Kaffis, NightsEnd, Clear Dragon, dshai527
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I'd be game.

As a suggestion, we might want to find out what kind of games people request, and then get DM's to run those games (sort of player driven rhather than DM driven). I think Chicago tried this method - why not give it a shot?


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It would depend on the date and the wife for me. She's not going to be too keen on me taking up a whole Saturday every two months.:p


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Okay, so what type of games do people want to play in? And I don't think we'll be doing this every two months. We can move this one back to April if that's what people want to do.


Depending on the date, Alex and I would obviously want to be part of the Fellowship of the Flute Part 2. Beyond that, I'd love to play d20 Modern again (since our group will likely hold off playing this until our current campaign is over) and perhaps Mutants and Masterminds.

I'll keep and eye on this thread for more details as they become available.
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I'd love to come, depending on the scheduling of course. Heck, I may even be able to bring along a non-ENWorld gaming buddy or two.

My current favorite game is Spycraft. I think it would be cool to have a game of that going. Also, I have always wanted to play in a Call of Cthulhu game, but have never been able.


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Okay it seems that people are wanting to try some different games. So, is anyone willing and able to run any of these? And as suggestions are made, please voice if you are interested in playing in that as well.

Also, if you have any suggestions for making the whole day run smoother, please say them.

I was thinking of having a sign in table. Just to get a record of who all was able to show up. Nametags were suggested last time, would that be something people want? I'll also have each game and who signed up for it on sperate sheets of paper so the DM can have that. Then I'll also have a master list of everything.


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Count me in, although I think Late April is better, but I am willing to do either.

I am also willing to run part 2 of my Swashbuckling game.

Aurora and I of course would love to be apart of the fellowship of the flute again, for Aurora though it depends on her work schedule.


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Agreed that two months is a little "tight" for me as well, but willing to go with whatever works for everyone else.

Definitely Saturdays.

Would love to play, in order...
Epic DnD (or high level)
Mutants and Masterminds
Anything written/published by other ENWorlder's...
d20 Modern
Anything else DnD

Would be willing to DM...
Epic DnD (or high level)
Anything written/published by other ENWorlder's...


OSU worked out great I thought. Anything with such easy access to Chipotle is good in my book.

Name Tags - A must.
Sign In - Good idea.
Publicity - Could we/should we publicize outside of ENWorld? I wonder how many of the OSU Saturday regulars know about ENWorld?
Sponsors - Felt really good to have some "stuff" for the gameday. It would be cool to have more donated (RPGNow Bucks???) and add a touch more formality to the process for the giveaways. Even if that is "the DM" decides or "everyone pass a note with the three best players".
Scribe - I was glad to put names to faces and such, and I wonder if there is more interest in hearing about our exploits out on the messageboards. Could we have designated "scribes" who could take notes on events (they could be players or non-players in a game) who will record and update their info to the boards. Even simple stuff like the "funniest" quotes I think are priceless.

Take it all or junk it all. Just my 2 cents.


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People have mentioned 2 months might be tight, so we 'll aim for April. No big deal there at all.

The sponsors were great. Hopefully we can get somemore. I'm not sure the best way to proceed with that though. I'll look into it.

The scribe idea is good. As we get games and people signed up for them I'll ask for volunteers as well as doing that at the actually Game Day.


Yes! Swashbuckling! Although we recovered the chest and swashed all those badguys, there can't be that much left to accomplish. :)

I'll run, dah, um, something. We'll see what people want to play, but I had fun DMing last time.

Mr Fidgit

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RE: Publicity - Could we/should we publicize outside of ENWorld? I wonder how many of the OSU Saturday regulars know about ENWorld?

i'm not sure about this. since all of the gaming will be set up ahead of time here, does it make sense to invite others who aren't members? there would probably be nothing to do if all of the games are full anyway

(remember too that someone in the last gaming day thread said they'd invite/bring/whathaveyou members of the OSUMGA. did any of them show up? (i had to leave early...))


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Well with the lead time I'm willing to work out the work schedule and try to be there most if not all day.

I'm also up for running some short/one shot Star Wars Revised or Mecha/Anime based D20 Modern games.

I'd love to continue with the group we had for modern, or at last the characters if Dan or someone else wants to let them in.. that was a blast.


I'd agree that April is likely to be better for Alex and I, and it keeps with the concept of a quarterly gathering. I'll consider DMing a game, but for now I'd prefer another chance to play for a day :D!!


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Like I said, I'd love to come, and Dungannon was talking about it, too. I can run something if you really need an extra DM, Crothian, but I'd rather play since I get so few chances to do so...


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Okay, we are going to try a Saturday in April

Clear Dragon: Would you be able to get the room for the "Physics Department" again?

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