OSR Old school wizards, how do you play level 1?

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Victoria Rules
See you really need to share plans with everyone.


Never heard of the concept... :)
But on the other hand, a lot of my memories of 1e play include moments of "screw your buddies over for funsies" because apparently some people thought that was hilarious.
I don't think this one was so much "screw your buddies over" as "we need to do something RIGHT NOW" and not thinking it all the way - or even just a little way - through.


It's intimidating AF, and keeps my hands free for throwing darts or casting my light spell in the eyes of an attacking kobold.
And keeps your hands free for the somatic components of the light spell! Magic users, always thinking ahead with intelligence to gain a clever advantage.

Light (Alteration)
Level: 1 Components: V, S

Apropos of nothing, wisdom is not a prime requisite for magic users. :)


Depends on how poor I am. hide, use my staff, whatever I can do. Once I have money a WarDog is my friend and I use a crossbow.
Agree on the money element. We play OSE, and a wizard can craft a magic item for 500gp and one week of time if it mimics a spell effect (i.e. a scroll). With gold for XP, its usually worth the time investment for a couple of scrolls to take along. You need 2,500 xp to get to level 2, so you'll likely have close to that in GP to spend as a first level magic-user.

Wardog, Hireling, etc. all solid options.

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