One D&D Playtest Packet #1 Speculation

Which new rules survive to become core in 2024

  • Cosmetic Half-race

    Votes: 22 40.7%
  • Ardlings

    Votes: 22 40.7%
  • ASI in Backgrounds

    Votes: 46 85.2%
  • Leveled Feats

    Votes: 44 81.5%
  • Feat from Background

    Votes: 47 87.0%
  • A, D, P Spell List

    Votes: 36 66.7%
  • Auto Crit/Fail D20 Test

    Votes: 17 31.5%
  • Weapon/Unarmed Only Crits

    Votes: 15 27.8%
  • Player Only Crits

    Votes: 10 18.5%
  • Inspiration on Crit

    Votes: 22 40.7%
  • Updated Grapple Rules

    Votes: 31 57.4%
  • Slowed Condition

    Votes: 38 70.4%
  • Updated Unarmed Strike

    Votes: 28 51.9%
  • None of Them

    Votes: 1 1.9%


Out of pure speculation and best guesses which new rules survive the Playtest from Packet #1 to become part of the new core rules. Not asking which ones you'd like to see but those you believe will. I intentionally did not include every possible option, just a handful that feel big. Also only choose those that will make it as written in the Playtest. For example, if you think Ardlings will be retooled before being added you would not vote for them in this poll.

Keeping the poll open until September 1. I plan to save the results and see how close we come once the new PHB is available. This is intended to be some silly fun to see how close we can come. Note: you can not change your votes once cast.

Feel free to share why you think a rule will or won't survive as well.

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I think most of this has a high chance of sticking around, but the new Fest and Backgroujd regime seems rock solid at this point. I think Ardlings will be quite the hit, and the new hybrid rules seem likely to last as well.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I think pretty much all of it will probably stay except for the changes to critical hits. By which I mean them being player-side only and weapon damage only. Nat20s and nat 1s, and inspiration on nat20s, will probably all stick.

Given that they are already publishing 5e backgrounds with built in feats in place of background that seems like the closest to a guarantee of any of the changes. I also think that some variation of autosucceed/fail for nat20s and 1s will be included, because that is just bowing to how people actually already play, but they might adjust it a bit.

I'm not sure how likely the new crit rules are to survive playtest, but, as is, I doubt they're going to be a meaningful part of how most people play the game even if they make the official rules, so I would consider those the least likely to become part of the final game, as actually played.


I hope the crit rules, auto fail/succeed, and the ardlings change (put ardlings in a splat book not the core book) also hope half elf and orc come back. I'm not happy feats are no longer optional but I guess I saw this one coming.


I think changes to crits except for player only change, other changes to crits that I think might be not be accepted are inspiration on crit and weapon-only, but expect them to go through. Changes to backgrounds will probably stick around. Feats in background will stay, though we I expect to see some changes to specific feats (with an intermediate revision in a packet focused on feats). I think cosmetic half-races are likely to stay, though I hope as an option along with an option to pick features from multiple races. Spell list I'm leaning towards staying, but feel tentative about it until we see what full classes look like.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I think most of it willl stay, but
  • the crit rules will be expanded while keeping the ''weapon only'' clause.
  • Feats and background will stay
  • The new races will stay with only minor modifications.
  • New conditions and grapple will say, ideally removing the the opposite checks on the game in favor of save resolution.
  • I think they'll add back at least half-orcs and half-elves then add their ''half-lineage'' side note for the rest. WotC is not really known to break the mold too much, half-measures is the name of the game.
  • Inspiration will stay, but ideally as a modular option (humans having Human Determination 1 reroll per PB if Inspiration isnt used).
  • I think ASI will be left free-form instead of trying to put them somewhere.


Crown-Forester (he/him)
The only ones I doubt will survive - or at least don't want to survive - are Player-only crits and cosmetic mixed lineages.

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