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D&D General One Piece of Art V (Places)- What Piece of D&D Art Inspired You to Love a Place


B/X Known World
Brom. Dark Sun. I get one piece, so this is it. But really it's every single one of his amazing Dark Sun pieces that made me love the world.


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I always assumed that Larry Elmore had bought a large bucket of "female skintone" paint for cheap early in his career and was just trying to put it to good use.

(Also, the female elf in the painting is actually a silver dragon disguised as a wild elf. And if you're brave enough to tell a dragon that she's not leaving the house until she puts on some proper clothes, well, you're braver than me.)


The High Aldwin
I agree!

.... But you know ... if she had friends, they would tell her that she forgot to put her pants on this morning.
She's actually wearing flesh-coloured tights. ;)

This piece by Elmore grabbed me for places. So little actual art, but the story is endless. It tells a story full of intrigue and danger without the sweeping character panorama that seemed so popular at the time. Still gives me chills.

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Yep, another favorite of mine.

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