D&D General One Piece of Art V (Places)- What Piece of D&D Art Inspired You to Love a Place


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Artist: Jim Holloway
Source: cover of I5 - Lost Tomb of Martek
Locale: The Skysea
Rationale: It's got a weird boat, a crystalline lake, a starfield, and a big purple shai-hulud wannabe. The image tickles the gonzo sea-faring itch, while the module trilogy is the one that launched my love of desert adventures.

* This topic was tough, too! Turns out there's plenty of "iconic" D&D imagery in my head, but little of it matches what's in the books. My memory is plagued by, umm, "embellishment."

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Sigh, ok, you've forced my hand. I will post more planescape art

NOT by Diterlizzi this time. The cover for Planes of Chaos was done Robh Ruppel. I have no idea what or where this image is supposed to be but it's big and weird and shares the color palate of The Downward Spiral (both released in 1994) and thus was perfect for me at the time.


Getting lost in fantasy maps
Stephen Fabian’s interior art of the glass skimmers of Taladas. The cover of the Taladas box was dreadfully boring. But Fabian really set the tone for Taladas and this piece of art did its job. So much of Taladas could have used better art, like the gnome citadels of the lava sea, Hithekel.

But a whole sea of actual smooth obsidian glass, and a society that sales on it! I’m in!


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