D&D 5E One Shot #2 - Irongrad (Closed/OOC)

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As for the Ki powers, that can be a mystery to him as to what it is and where it's coming from.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
So I suggest my drow rogue, Ssz'irac. Just a regular guy, trying to stay out of the sun in this Marketplace...


Ok, here's another option. I just finished my last One Shot character: Alberich "Al" Rockheart. He's a Dwarven Bard. And he's beardless. Well, his beard is kept at a thick stubble, as if he shaves it infrequently, and not very well.

He carries a battle axe named Artin, and loves lettin' her play! I'd love to have the axe double as his instrument. Probably not feasible, but still. It'd look like this:


Anyways, being a Bard, he's got a Cantrip or two. Which would be better for this game?


So I wish to start checking over characters maybe hook a few into why they are at the marketplace (in the sun), so we can start this MON/TUE next week.

So far from discussion I have this:

Closed spots: @Steve Gorak: probably busy, give him one more shout out
Greenmtn: undecided

JustinCase: Ssz'irac elf(drow) rogue
Charwoman Gene: Rilla dragonborn sorceress
KahlessNestor: Zuleyka elf(drow) wizard

first alt
tglassy: undecided

Let me know if the character is the one you wish to take and I'll give it a look over this weekend.



the magical equivalent to the number zero
Yes, Ssz'irac is my candidate.
[MENTION=6801311]KahlessNestor[/MENTION] perhaps our drow are there together for some reason? Perhaps Zuleyka has just arrived on the surface and Ssz'irac is showing her around?

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