D&D 5E One Shot #2 - Irongrad (Closed/OOC)


The party so far...

Greenmtn: Bilkar gnome druid
JustinCase: Ssz'irac elf(drow) rogue
Charwoman Gene: Rilla dragonborn sorceress
KahlessNestor: Zuleyka elf(drow) wizard
tglassy: undecided

Just one to go expect game to start tonight.

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I really can't decide. Human Monk, or Dwarven Bard. I want to play both. I suppose I'll choose the Dwarf right now. Al is more attached to his Magic than Nicolo.

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-Under feats you might want to put-

Brewer's Supplies
+ three more instruments

This is for you to copy/paste ;) He can play all the instruents in the band, nice.

-Under Proficiencies throwing hammer got errata to light hammer and add short sword to the list
-List Saves for easy finding


-is good once I figured out she took an Explorer's Pack


-Don't see darkvision listed
-Since it looks like you are short on room I would list weapon prof. on page two under Additional Features & Traits.
-And you'll need to list some prepared spells in your first post of the game. Don't see a default list on the sheet.
-Don't think you purchased your gear, but with what is listed you would have 17gp 5sp left over (instead of 10gp), I would buy a sling if you get the chance, maybe that is why he is at the market.


-looks like she was built with 27pts for abilities instead of 29pts
-missing two cantrips (four known)
-Intimidation and Persuasion are +7 when dealing with dragons
-Gained one language from Noble
-I have your left over gold as 29gp, 8sp, and maybe trading in the backpack for a chest to carry all those clothes would be good RP. Zenrik can carry it.


-checks out as ready to go

That should about do it, I'm going to start an IC here around 4-5(EST) - I have the drow as traveling together for the moment and everyone else in town for some small purchase or other.


Thats odd. It didn't save the edits I did yesterday to my inventory, it's still showing the starting inventory package. I'll go back in and take care of that and make the changes you suggested today.


Give [MENTION=6801311]KahlessNestor[/MENTION] one more day, to post but update tomorrow as this will be the funniest (for me) update. Not so much for you all sorry in advance.


I know Charwoman Gene said this week would be hecetic so the round might not be updated till MON. Iportant roll this check so I wish to give everyone a chance. But until then Bilkar can still post any actions (like dodge if you wish.

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