D&D 5E One Shot #2 - Irongrad (Closed/OOC)


Indeed it is time to wrap up this One Shot. Need the group to RP their way to a camp outside of Irongrad (or you can sleep there if you really wish), because it is to long a trek back to town. You can divide treasure, figure out magic items, and then I'll post a story block of the trip to town, getting your magic back and putting an ending to the adventure.

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So here's the loot list I have. Let me know if anything is missing, and put in your bids. Some things still need to be identified:

Ornate staff
Magical boots - needs to be identified
Scroll: Longstrider
Scroll: Cure Wounds
Magic ruby - needs to be identified
Scroll: Thunderclap
Scroll: Magic Stone
Magic Helm - needs to be identified
Ornate other stuff - hat or boots? Something readied to be enchanted, but not actually magical yet. I can’t remember exactly what/how many their were

Magic Stone and Cure Wounds are useless for Zuleyka, so she won't bid on them. Not sure if she has the gold to scribe the Thunderclap scroll or not, but she would take it to add to her spell book. Or is that a cantrip and thus not able to be scribed? The helm, ruby, and boots need to be identified, and the ornate staff, etc, can probably be sold for gold.

I leveled Zuleyka up and updated her bio. I used a website, though, since I didn't have my SCAG with me at work, so let me know if you spot anything wrong. I'll double check with my SCAG when I get home.


Pending investigation I don't know that there is anything there that Bilkar is interested in. He basically grabbed the helmet because I thought it was a funny image and we didn't want to forget it. I think the scrolls are likely good to keep, except for maybe magic stone, as good single use items at the very least.

Bilkar is really happy to just stop being a lightening bug :)

Not to figure out if he would go Moon or Land...


Al will want to identify things ASAP, and now that he’s level 2 he just learned how, so he doesn’t have to spend money or use a spell slot since it’s a Ritual. Hell identify everything as soon as he’s able.

He’s very interested in the Ruby. He can take any of the scrolls except Magic Stone, but can’t say he really wants them unless no one else can use them.

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- Merrim 100xp each
- 3 stirges 15xp each
- 5 axe beaks 50xp each
- RP 75xp each
- 2 flying daggers 15xp each
- tricks & traps 75xp each
= 330xp to each PC

Note: Charwoman Gene Rilla earned 100xp[/sblock]
Gold: 200gp each character from loose change/gems, and selling ornate staff and other nonmagical items
Downtime: 5 days
- scroll longstrider
- scroll cure wounds
- scroll magic stone
- scroll thunderclap
- potions of cure wounds x4 (total) - one was used so 3 left
- potion of climbing - potion with red stripe
- ruby of the war mage
- boots of enduring: these magical boots resist wear and tear
- dread helm[/sblock]

Ssz'irac = 11 & 52
- 1 oz. block of unknown material- ornate oil lamp

Alberich = 35
- white sequined glove sized for a human[/sblock]

This info is also in the first post of the IC, you should make a link in your character sheet to have it for future reference.


Bilkar notice anything when he's wearing the helmet (I have no idea what the magic items do)

Anything specific anyone wants other than their share of the gold and the 2 items spoken for already (Ruby and Thunderclap scroll)?


Hey, cool. The Ruby is actually useful for Alberich. If no one objects, I’ll take that, and perhaps one of the healing potions.

Looks like a lot of people can use the scrolls. I’m not incredibly partial to scrolls in general, and I always forget I have them. I say the Wizard should get whatever scrolls she can scribe, and Bilkar can have the Cure Wounds.

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Okay. Zuleyka will take the Longstrider and Thunderclap scrolls then, since they're the only ones she can use. Bilkar can use the other two. I believe she's the one who drank the cure potion, so I won't claim any of those. That leaves the rest for you guys.

How are we handling shopping/scribing? Need to get some armor, a whip, and scribe those scrolls. Though Thunderclap is a cantrip, so not sure it can be scribed with the way cantrips work in 5e? Do we have a ruling on that?

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