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Online Poker shut down in U.S.


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BTW, last week sometime they opened up the sites domains. (That's how the feds really shut them down.... it was IP address/domain address warfare. Interesting.)

Note that PokerStars and Ultimate Bet got their domains back. And for the time being, they can issue withdrawals for those that have funds in their banks.

One of my insider poker buddies said was good for the prospects of legit casinos like MGMVegas.com (sp?) and CaesarsPalace.com (sp?) to be able to open up online poker rooms.

The online poker world got crazy when western and eastern Europeans got in the mix. Strategies changed dramatically, the number of concurrent hands went up to like 8-10 or more games at a time. Are you serious? i can't concentrate on more than 2 games running concurrently. These euros were playing 6-12 hands at a time!

That's amazing, and makes me feel like I suck at poker, then I realize the dollar sucks globally and it was unfair from the get-go.

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These thread necromancies are always so odd...

In any event, this was true at the time it was posted, which eventually culminated in United States v. Scheinberg (along with a civil suit, United States v. PokerStars, et al). Most of the websites that were shut down have since resumed operations.


But, keep in mind, the tried this with prohibition and it didn't stop the use of booze, in fact things got worse.

Yet the Chinese were able to end their opium problems under Mao. His methods were probably harsher than the what we did in the U.S. though.

Oops: didn't realize it was a thread necro. It was in my rss news reader as new.


Maybe, and this is just me spitballing, maybe you be playing Dungeons and Dragons.

DM: I've got three Orcs.

Player: Oh yeah, We got a Fighter, a Monk, a Wizard, and a pastry chef.


I'm sure the FBI and the U.S. Government did it for financial reasons, but I think this is great news overall. Online gambling just gave gambling addicts an even easier and simpler way to bankrupt themselves and their families from the comfort of their own homes ... not to mention giving people under 18 a way to throw away money they couldn't afford to throw away.

The only thing I can really say is good riddance ...
Some of my friends used to play a few of those sites. They quit, not for fear of prosecution, but rather they noticed they all went from winning to losing...at the same time. Fraud? Hacked? Don't know.

Add to that some of the allegations- money laundering, for instance- ant it paints a rather nasty picture, if true.

Agreed. How do you know the sites are playing fair? I can easily rig the a site to get the house to win most of the time. To start with, have more than one computer player. If they win, the house wins. If you are playing 5 others and all of them belong to the house, then you have a 5 in 6 chance of losing, even if the cards aren't stacked.

Betting online is dumb.

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